Construction Helper Resume Sample

Updated on: February 22, 2022

The construction arena consists of a lot of personnel who keep the ball rolling. Without the input of even one, a construction project may not be able to come to fruition as expected.

Construction helpers are an essential part of any construction project because they provide much-needed support to workers.

They may perform duties such as clearing site areas, handing tools to workers, and assisting in maintaining tools and equipment so that they are ready to use when the time comes.

There are many things to consider when writing a resume for a position in the construction arena.

This may include emphasizing greatly your skills and understanding of the construction business along with displaying an interest in climbing up the hierarchy.

Here is an example of a construction helper’s resume that you may need to use when writing your own.

Construction Helper Resume Example

Tyler Jacobson
67 Windsor Parkway
Dallas, TX 93778
(000) 956-548

**Construction Helper**

• Physically dexterous Construction Helper with over six years’ hands-on experience in the construction field
• Complete understanding of assisting construction workers with preparing sites
• Keen understanding of erecting concrete and scaffolding following instructions
• In-depth knowledge of operating and maintaining power tools and equipment
• Competent in managing construction assistance keeping safe practices in mind

• Excellent physical dexterity
• Track record of working in adverse weather conditions
• Able to operate forklifts and different power tools
• Effective communication skills
• Capability to work well under and without supervision
• Basic math skills
• Exceptional ability to lift and move heavy objects


Construction Helper
Dossier Construction Company, Dallas, TX       
• Clear work areas of debris and other hazardous materials
• Assist construction workers in mixing and applying concrete
• Load and unload construction materials
• Clean spills and place traffic control signs where appropriate
• Manage maintenance activities on equipment and tools
• Assist in operating power tools when necessary
• Clean site area after each shift
• Direct traffic when needed

Construction Helper
AAA Company, Dallas, TX         
• Cleaned worksites and erected traffic diversion signs
• Mixed cement and poured on asphalt as directed
• Cleaned up spills and leveled concrete
• Used tools to drill concrete as directed
• Operated and maintained tools and equipment as instructed

High School Diploma
Windsor High School, Dallas, TX – 2004