Construction helpers assist construction work with what is commonly known as donkey work. They gather and dispense materials and equipment, keep job sites clean and ensure that all reference points are in order.

To be able to get this job, you need an effective cover letter and resume. Look at this cover letter that depicts a construction helper’s better skills that hiring managers consider while calling for interviews.

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Construction Helper Cover Letter Sample


32 Elm Street
Manchester, NH 66353

July 29, 2014

Mr. Harrison Ford
Manager Human Resources
Allied Constructions
783 Sunnydale Drive
Manchester, NH 66738


Dear Mr. Ford:

Having found your position as a Construction Helper at Allied Construction, I would like to offer my services for the same. Since I have worked in a somewhat similar position earlier on, I am confident that I possess the handiness and the assistance acumen that is vital to this position.

Possessing extensive knowledge of construction based materials and procedures, I am confident that I will be the right choice for this position. My ability to read and understand procedure and regulation manuals assist me in helping construction workers in performing their job effectively. I possess a profound ability to comprehend remodeling and support duties that will help me in managing your work effectively.

As my skills and qualifications are in sync with your requirements which is why I am excited to meet you in person. I will call your office to ask for a meeting date soon and will be reachable at (920) 900-9999 if you need to get in touch with me for an augmentation to my job application.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jimmy Hendricks

Enc. Resume