Best 3 Childcare Resume Samples & Writing Guide

Updated on: October 9, 2020

Childcare professionals perform a lot of duties that may include looking after children and teaching them according to their age. Some childcare workers are also expected to provide children with preschool learning so that they can be school-ready. They are also responsible for providing them with food while the parents are away and manage entertainment for them.

In the majority of situations, your resume for a child care position is an employer’s first impression of you when you apply for a childcare job. When writing a child care resume, your ultimate aim should be to get an interview.

Effective resumes for a childcare position are short, bulleted, focused on a childcare objective or childcare summary, and give the recruiter or family with a quick overview of your related expertise and experiences.

Convincing an employer that you are the best candidate who can care for their child is very difficult as parents are more concerned about their children.

As childcare is a sensitive job, people are very cautious about hiring a new individual. Therefore, it is essential to provide relevant information and references in your resume to maximize the chances of an interview. Use relevant phrases and bullet points to add significant value to your resume or CV.

Childcare Resume Sample 1
Experience: 10+ Years
Education: Associate’s Degree
Total Years in the Workforce: 13

Kim Lesley
980 Avery Row, Arlington, VA 34909
(000) 569-5854
[email protected]


Tactful and energized certified childcare professional offering extensive experience in delivering genuine love and care to children. Well versed in providing behavioral training to children with issues regarding aggression and sleep. Developed healthy routines among children utilizing knowledge of psychosocial and cognitive developmental milestones. CPR and BLS Certified.


Childcare Worker
Creative Childcare, Arlington, VA
2016 – Present

  • Kept a neat clean and socially stimulating environment in the facility
  • Supervised daily activities of a group of toddlers and maintained portfolios for each child
  • Interacted regularly with the parents regarding child progress
  • Incorporated discipline, civic sense, and morals among children by applying the Montessori preschool approach effectively

Selected Achievements

  • Designed and executed a set of social activities targeting social and moral development among toddlers
  • Handled two disruptive behavior cases effectively and tactfully, implementing confidence and discipline among both children through effective exercise of behavioral modification techniques

We Care, Arlington, VA
2009 –  2016

  • Cared for children of various ages while their parents were gone
  • Prepared the children and drove them to and from school timely
  • Prepared healthy meals for kids and ensured their hygiene
  • Assisted children in their homework and accompanied them to the park

Selected Achievements

  • Attained best babysitter award based on parental feedback for the year 2015

Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education

Virginia State Certified Child Care Professional


Current Driver’s License

• Skilled in handling emergencies
• Capable of making healthy meals
• Remarkable storytelling skills

Childcare Resume Example 2
Experience: 5+ Years
Education: High School Graduate
Total Years in the Workforce: 8

Dana Cox
(000) 478-9658


Warm, amicable, and childcare professional with a great love for children and their development to grow them mentally and emotionally in order to make them a valuable member of society. Excellent ability to manage children from infants to teenagers. Sound knowledge of child care protocols and practices.

Active listening | Activities planning
Meal preparation | Critical thinking
Performance monitoring | Paperwork/clerical tasks
Conflict resolution | Self-esteem development


Childcare Worker
Wellwishers, New York, NY         
May 2018 – present

  • Plan and implement activities based on children’s developmental milestones.
  • Monitor children while their parents are away.
  • Meet children’s nutritional needs by preparing nutritious snacks.
  • Supervise hygiene by changing diapers and assisting in washing hands and bathing.
  • Teach social skills to ensure social acceptability.
  • Assess children’s developmental needs and meet them appropriately.
  • Discuss progress and limitations with parents when necessary.

Key Accomplishments

  • Conducted several workshops on childcare practices for the benefit of professionals new to childcare work.

Self-Employed, New York, NY     
Sep 2015 – May 2018

  • Continually assisted children in providing with a comfortable environment
  • Taught them reading and writing as per individual care plans
  • Looked after them in terms of personal grooming
  • Assisted children with homework
  • Prepared food for children in an age-appropriate fashion

High School Diploma
ABC School, New York, NY

CPR and First Aid Certified

200 7th Road, Buffalo, NY 73930
dana.cox @ email . com

 Child Care Provider Resume Sample 3
Experience: 2+ Years
Education: GED
Total Years in the Workforce: 2

4792 Vivian Avenue, Cumberland, RI 54212
(000) 439-9999


Dedicated to the total development of children.

Friendly, energetic and reliable Child Care professional with exceptional skills in handling both physical and emotional development of children. Demonstrated ability to supervise, teach and play with children to ensure that their needs are met. Exhibit mature judgment, maintain confidentiality and handle emergency situations. CPR and First Aid certified.


Physical Development
– Ability to design, plan, organize, and implement educational activities and programs to cater to the development of individual children
– Excellent knowledge of meeting the physical needs of babies and toddlers

Emotional Care
– Working knowledge of providing emotional support to distressed kids
– Exceptional acumen to handle emergency situations engendered by emotional disturbances
– Ability to provide continuous affection and security

– Excellent communication skills (English and Spanish)
– Unique ability to work calmly in a stressful situation
– Genuine passion for children
– Proven ability to adhere to appropriate limits and boundaries
– Adept at building professional relationships with parents and coworkers


Children’s Home Society, Cumberland, RI
(Jan 2020 – Present)
Child Care Aide
– Interact with children in a positive manner
– Supervise children and engage them in age-appropriate activities
– Design and implement behavior modification techniques
– Ensure the cleanliness of the premises
– Take measures to prevent accidents
– Accompany children to events and appointments as instructed

*Private Capacity* – Rainier, OR
(Oct 2018 – Jan 2020)
– Provided care to three children aged 10 years, 7 years, and 6 months
– Changed diapers and assisted in bathing
– Cooked food based on individual nutritional needs of the children
– Ensured the cleanliness of the house

GED: XYZ School, Cumberland, RI

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How to Write a Good Resume for Childcare Positions

Generally, resumes are considered challenging to write. But they are even more so if they need to be written for sensitive positions such as childcare. Resumes written specifically for the childcare positions need to have something extra content and sections.

When a prospective employer looks at your resume, he or she will have many questions in mind, the foremost being reliability.

Since people working in childcare positions spend a lot of time with children, they need to be able to handle them properly.

With child abuse and neglect on the rise in recent years, parents are especially careful about whom they hire to look after their children.

So how do you write a resume that will not only pique a prospective employer’s interest but also make him or her believe that you are the right person for a childcare position?

Doing this is not easy but since it needs to be done, let us discuss what to put in a resume that is targeted primarily at attaining a childcare position.


The summary is the first section of the resume and consequently, the first one that an employer reads. For a childcare position, the resume summary should contain power words such as reliability, compassion, love, and patience. People who are looking for nannies or babysitters look for these words specifically as there is their child’s welfare at stake here.


Next, mention some of your key competencies or areas of expertise in a tabular form.


Providing information about your accomplishments in a previous job is essential. Since you will be handling children, you will need to make sure that parents trust you.

Giving information about achievement in an earlier role will provide the recruiter or parents with an idea about how well you are equipped to handle their child. Think of things to write here – an emergency that you might have dealt with or a project that you may have helped a child with – anything that shows your competency will work here.


Remember that experience counts for a lot when you are preparing a resume for a childcare position.

While you should not list everything that you did in a previous childcare position, you do need to write the most important duties that you performed.


If your educational background boasts of certifications in childcare, your chances of employment increase automatically.

Make sure that you mention what certification you have attained and where you trained for them.


Reiterating the importance of writing a good resume for a childcare position, much focus needs to be placed on how well you can handle children, especially during adverse situations. So you need to make sure that your resume reflects your ability to do this through every section.

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