In the majority of situations, your resume for is an employer’s first impression of you when you apply for a childcare job. When writing your resume, your ultimate aim should be to get an interview. Effective resumes for childcare position are short, bulleted, focused on a childcare objective, and give the recruiter or family with a quick overview of your related expertise and experience.

Convincing an employer that you are the best candidate who can care for their child is very difficult as parents are more concerned about their offspring. As childcare is a sensitive job, people are very cautious about hiring a new individual. Therefore it is important to provide the relevant information and references in your resume in order to maximize the chances of interview.

Childcare Job Description

Childcare professionals are glorified babysitters who perform a lot of duties which may include; looking after children while their parents are away and teaching them according to their age. Childcare workers usually manage children while the parents are at work or go out for work or social reasons which are why they have a lot of responsibility on them. Some childcare personnel are also expected to provide children with preschool learning so that they can be school ready. They are also responsible for providing them with food while the parents are away and manage entertainment for them.

Tip: Use relevant phrases and bullet points to add a significant value to your résumé.


Childcare Resume Example



Dana Cox

(999) 999-9999

200 Woodlee Road
Buffalo, NY 73930

dana.cox @ email . com

***Childcare Worker***

Warm, empathetic and caring individual seeking a childcare worker position with St. Paul Public School’s Office of family engagement. Offering great love for children and their development to grow them mentally and emotionally, and make them a valuable member of society.

● Active listening ● Daily activities planning ● Nutritious meal preparation
● Critical thinking ● Performance monitoring ● Paperwork and clerical tasks
● Educational training ● Self-esteem development ● Conflict resolution


Childcare Worker | Wellwishers, New York, NY | Jan 2013 – Present

• Plan and implement activities based on children’s developmental milestones
• Monitor children while their parents are away
• Meet children’s nutritional needs by preparing nutritious snacks
• Supervise hygiene by changing diapers and assisting in washing hands and bathing
• Teach social skills in order to ensure social acceptability
• Assess children’s developmental needs and meet them appropriately
• Discuss progress and limitations with parents when necessary

Key Accomplishments
● Succeeded in making 25 children school ready in the last 10 years
● Conducted several workshops on childcare practices for the benefit of professionals new to childcare work

Babysitter | Self-Employed | New York, NY | Feb 2012 – Dec 2012

• Continually assisted children in providing with a comfortable environment
• Taught them reading and writing as individual care plans dictate
• Looked after them in terms of personal grooming
• Assisted them with homework
• Prepared food for children in an age appropriate fashion

Masters in Social Work – New York State University – 2004

CPR and First Aid Certified

• Excellent ability to manage children from infants to teenagers
• Sound knowledge of child care practices