Administrative Associate Resume Template

Updated on: May 13, 2022

Many people confuse the position of an administrative associate and that of an administrative assistant.

While the position of an administrative assistant requires an employee to perform clerical tasks, administrative associates perform managerial duties primarily.

They work with office budgets and even assist in administering company policies.

Essentially administrative associates oversee the daily operations of a department, manage event coordination activities, and are even a strong part of the financial planning of an organization.

They are also expected to manage staff in terms of scheduling and conflicts.

Administrative Associate Resume Writing Tips

Your resume for an Administrative Associate position is a great opportunity to show your career goal, qualifications, experience, skills, and ambitions.

It is a good method of communicating your expertise to a potential employer.

The resume conveys to recruiters what you can deliver, specifically that you can perform all related tasks in the most efficient way.

Because the majority of companies receive loads of applications for an Administrative Associate position, your résumé needs to do something extra. In order to be successful, your resume must:

  1. Show that you are competent enough to perform administration tasks effectively
  2. Incorporate keywords and terminology from the administration field
  3. Highlight your major qualifications and strengths
  4. Offer details regarding your experience and accomplishments
  5. Present the most positive image of you

The following example can help you write an Administrative Associate resume in keeping with all the above-mentioned points.

Administrative Associate Resume Example

Gregory Peck
355 Bishop Road
Mullica Hill, NJ 77888
(000) 999-9999


• Over 5 years of experience as an administrative associate
• Recognized skills in monitoring account expenditures
• Known for managing office within the guideline set for budgets
• Understanding of providing administrative support to supervisors
• In-depth knowledge of coordinating recruitment activities
• Ability to prioritize and arrange meetings and conferences
• Able to serve as a liaison between the company and external agencies

• Proactive staff management initiatives led to an increase in morale across all departments
• Reorganized the calendar maintenance system which led to organized scheduling systems within the company


Administrative Associate
VALLEY INC, New Jersey, NJ
• Manage staff scheduling and management
• Provide administrative support to different departments
• Maintain calendars and record-keeping systems
• Maintain spreadsheets and prepare special reports
• Coordinate staff activities as instructed
• Provide office operations support in terms of making travel arrangements

Administrative Assistant
ABC COMPANY., New Jersey, NJ
• Managed correspondence and distribute mail
• Maintained calendars and assisted in managing rosters
• Took telephone calls and routed calls
• Looked after inventory and office supplies
• Organized space for meetings and conferences
• Assisted in preparing account reports
•  Managed data entry and record-keeping duties

Associate of Business Administration
New York State University, New York, NY