IT and Computer Skills List for Resume

Updated on: March 30, 2021

Everyone can use a computer, but not everyone knows what information technology is all about. For the most part, it is alright for users to know how to use just the front end of a computer.

Internet, word processing, and games are favorite pastimes on computers, and we have all used them at one point or another.

But information technology is not all about using applications for fun. There is so much more to it, and much skill is required to understand and make information technology work for you.

Since information technology is a vast concept that encompasses many different areas, computer skills are particular to these separate areas.

These include hardware platforms, operating systems, programming, Internet, networking, applications, and databases.

Computer skills for each of these areas will be particular to these areas only. Below is a list of computer skills specific to each element of information technology:

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IT / Computer Skills List for Resume

General IT/Computer Skills

• Expert user of MS Word and Excel
• Knowledge of databases and spreadsheets
• Able to resolve minor software and hardware problems
• Exceptional internet research skills
• Well versed in using Outlook and Email
• Demonstrated ability to create presentations in PowerPoint
• Familiar with SAP

Hardware Platforms and Operating Systems

• Keen knowledge of computer mainframes and minicomputers
• Ability to handle parallel processing activities
• Complete understanding of embedded systems and workstations
• Comprehensive knowledge of different computer environments


• Proven ability to handle programming activities in various programming languages
• Vast know-how of application development methodologies and techniques
• Adept at using application development tools to meet development requirements
• An absolute understanding of handling 3GLs and 4GLs (third and fourth generation languages)
• Highly experienced in working with C and object-oriented languages along with managing UNIX scripts

World Wide Web

• Demonstrated HTML authoring and conversion tools skills
• Knowledge of working with different types of browsers
• Unique talent for setting firewalls and configure internet application servers
• Complete understanding of handling FTP and IRCs


• Savvy with internetworking technologies and network protocols
• Ability to manage network topologies of Cisco and Juniper networks
• Comprehensive knowledge of managing security systems of complex networks


• Proficient in desktop publishing activities and desktop graphics
• Ability to handle spreadsheets and configure and provide online services
• Understanding of cross-functional concepts such as Tool Book, Oracle Manufacturing, Prism, SAS, Walker Interactive, Software 2000 and Mapics


• Complete knowledge of database development tools such as File Magic Plus, File Maker Pro, Helix Express and Oracle Card
• Comprehensive understanding of client/server database management systems such as Progress, SQL, Velocis, Informix, and Oracle
• Strong background in handling servers/mainframe-based database management systems such as ADABAS, DB2, IMS, Oracle 8, and Datacom

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