Computer Hardware Engineer Interview Questions and Answers

Updated March 3, 2017

Interviews are last chances – all the effort and time that you put into the job application process can go to waste in a second of your interview is not successful. Employers are quite clear about the kind of person that they want to hire, and if you don’t fit the bill, they can oust you in a second!

Don’t fall for the “I’ve been called in for an interview so I must be good” feeling. You’ve been called in because your resume and cover letter had something good to say. But if you cannot justify this information in an interview, there is no way that you can be considered anything but ordinary. Prepare like one would for war. Go in with confidence and show them who’s boss!

Use the following set of interview questions and answers to prepare for battle:


Computer Hardware Engineer Interview Questions and Answers


Why did you decide to work as a computer hardware engineer?
Technology has always fascinated me. When I found out that my college was offering computer sciences as a course, I knew I was destined to learn all about technology. There has never been any looking back after that!

But why did you take up hardware particularly?
I tested myself in both hardware and software before I came to the conclusion that I am a “hardware whisperer”. My strengths have always been with the physical part of technology. I am at my best when I get down there and get my hands dirty. That’s why I took this up as a career.

What is your biggest achievement in this role?
After 4 years of constantly experimenting with different boards and technologies, I finally came up with the perfect board that works across a variety of platforms, including Windows, Apple and Android. I believe this breakthrough is my biggest achievement so far.

What duties have you been performing in a computer hardware role?
Creating blueprints of computer equipment to be built, designing new computer hardware, integrating hardware with other components and peripherals, testing and adjusting completed models, overseeing manufacturing processes of hardware, and updating existing computer equipment have all been part of my work as a computer hardware engineer.

What do you like best about your job?
I love how challenging working as a computer hardware engineer is. Every day presents you with a new challenge – and the satisfaction that comes with conquering that challenge is a great feeling.

What is your biggest weakness?
Sometimes, I don’t know when to let go. If I have been assigned a difficult task, I HAVE to complete it even if I know that it cannot be done with the present set of instructions. I suppose my stubbornness in wanting to meet impossible deadlines and project goals is something that I need to work on.