Computer Systems Specialist Resume Sample

Updated on: April 20, 2021

Melissa West
55 SW 220th Street, Federal Way, WA 98020 
(000) 876-6765
mel_wes @ email . com

Computer Systems Specialist

Technically savvy computer systems specialist, with a verifiable track record of providing systems administration for various departments. Adept at setting up laptops to interface with servers and handling general maintenance on laptops, desktops, Android, and iPhones.

• Hands-on experience analyzing interoperability of a variety of existing and proposed computer systems.
• Documented success in putting program controls in place to confirm user access requirements.
• Competent in developing system profiles, identifying threats, and developing appropriate countermeasures.
• Proven ability to design audits of computer systems to ensure that they operate in a secure manner.

• Introduced a sophisticated antivirus system that reduced mutating virus attacks by 99%.
• Converted entire company records data from paper into electronic form within 3 months.
• Identified and troubleshot a particularly stubborn network problem involving a corrupted DHCP, which was left in limbo for 3 months.
• Modified a series of commercial programs to meet the company’s internal technology needs and saved $10,000 in retail purchases.


Computer Systems Specialist
AT&T, Federal Way, MA
6/2016 – Present
• Assess the need for technology in the company and devise plans to meet those needs
• Install computer software and hardware by following set protocols
• Oversee computer systems on daily basis to determine their performance and provide assistance in tweaking programs where required
• Set up equipment such as printers and scanners and educate users in operating them properly
• Install antivirus and anti-malware programs to ensure system and network security\
• Set up equipment and software to implement local area and wide area networks
• Ensure smooth and fast communication between all users
• Set up Internet access for all users and ensure that their desktops and laptops are secured from outside threats
• Respond to requests for maintenance, installation, and troubleshooting
• Assist the management in deciding and purchasing new computer systems and peripherals
• Design training material to assist users in understanding complex computer operations

Computer Technician
The Tech Yard, Federal Way, MA
1/2010 – 5/2016
• Installed software and hardware components on users’ systems
• Assisted users in understanding hardware operations and threats from the Internet
• Ensured that each computer system is free from viruses and that virus definition was constantly upgraded
• Troubleshoot computer systems to ensure that they are in proper working order constantly
• Responded to requests for computer repair and maintenance and educated users on self-care techniques

MS Degree in Computer Science
Federal Way Technical College, Federal Way, MA – 2009

• Problem identification
• Resources obtainment
• Troubleshooting and repair
• Installation and testing
• IT Security
• Data recording
• Equipment setup
• Computer diagnostics
• Technology modification