Criminal Justice Job Description and Salary

Updated on: March 30, 2021

Criminal justice is a broad educational discipline that encompasses many job opportunities eventually about criminal law and the prevention of crime.

People who study criminal justice have a large list of possible careers that they can choose from.

These fields may include providing legal services and criminal rehabilitation along with working as police officers, correctional officers, patrol agents, and crime analysts.

Since criminal justice provides you with a chance to work at several positions, you can pick and choose what best serves your life’s mission and your interest.

Once you have decided which area you want to specialize in, you can research possible employers – Federal Bureau of Investigation is on top of the list of agencies that employ criminal justice personnel.

Of course, you may be able to find work anywhere, including legal agencies, and you can even be part of a private investigation firm.

There are so many jobs that fall under the umbrella of criminal justice, so let us look at a few popular ones along with their salary information.

Criminal Investigator Job Description and Salary

Criminal Investigator Job Description

• Examine crime scenes to evaluate crime details
• Inspect and interpret evidence to decipher how a crime happened and possibly who the perpetrator was
• Assist in preparing pre-trial testimony
• Conduct investigations by following predefined best practices
• Testify in court concerning the evidence found and details derived from it

Criminal Investigator Salary Outlook

The median annual salary for the position of a criminal investigator, according to BLS, is $76,730

Crime Analyst Job Description and Salary

Crime Analyst Job Description

• Collect and compile data from police reports and interpret it to determine the scope of the crime
• Use sophisticated statistical software to analyze data
• Prepare graphs and reports to identify crime patterns and trends
• Provide investigators with predictions on possible future crimes in a bid to prevent them
• Create suspect profiles by correlating available criminal data

Crime Analyst Salary Outlook

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics quotes annual median salaries for Crime Analysts as $52,840.

Criminologist Job Description and Salary

Criminologist Job Description

• Use psychological and social patterns to determine focus and motivation behind crimes
• Identify methods to predict and prevent criminal behavior
• Make psychological profiles of criminals in a bid to help crime preventers in understanding criminal behavior
• Evaluate the effect of law enforcement methods on crime rates

Criminologist Salary Outlook

The median annual salary of a criminologist, according to BLS, is $74,960

Fraud Investigator Job Description and Salary

Fraud Investigator Job Description

• Conduct both civil and criminal investigations by interviewing complainants and witnesses
• Perform research activities on records and any other evidence that may be pertinent to the case in question
• Conduct field surveillance activities and write investigation reports to establish proof of facts
• Obtain subpoenas and assist in serving them to suspects and criminals

Fraud Investigator Salary Outlook

The annual median salary of a fraud investigator, according to BLS, is $59,850.

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