Nursing Aide Skills for Resume

Updated on: May 30, 2021

A nursing aide resume usually includes your objective/summary, education, competencies, certifications, work experience, skills, and licensure details.

To make an excellent resume, it is essential for you to draw attention to your various hard skills relevant to the position of a nursing aide.

Below are some example skills of a nursing aide which might be used in a resume.

Select 5 to 6 from the following phrases to make a useful skills section of your resume.

Sample Skills List for Nursing Aide Resume

• Highly skilled in safely assisting patients and residents in bathing, dressing, grooming, and moving.
• Well-versed in observing patient’s condition, measuring and recording food and drink intake.
• Accurately taking and recording vital signs, temperatures, pulses, and respiration.
• Able to groom, shampoo, shave, back rub, and position patients
• Proficient in making beds, preparing patients for meals, and feeding patients.
• Exceptional talent for answering all signal lights and bells promptly to determine and meet patient needs.
• Competent in preparing patients for surgery, treatment, or examination.
• Hands-on experience in cooking nutritious meals and feeding patients.
• Proven record of answering patient call signals efficiently.
• Competent at supplying and emptying bedpans, changing dressings, and supervising clients’ physical routines.
• Demonstrated ability to help patients with walking, exercising, and moving in and out of bed.
• Adept at changing linens and maintaining a sanitized nursing unit.
• Verifiable track record of assisting licensed nursing staff in providing direct patient care.
• Eager to exceed patients and family expectations through quality care.
• A driven individual who immediately reports any changes in the patient’s condition to the RN.
• Proficient in recording information on flow sheets in a descriptive and manner.
• Proven record of answering resident call signals promptly.
• Recognized for checking residents routinely and handle their care needs.
• Skilled in laying out infection control procedures, aimed at ensuring patient safety and wellbeing.
• Committed to providing exceptional patient care through well-placed comprehension of patients’ needs and ways of helping them handle them.
• Known for diffusing patient anger/frustration by providing psychological counseling through distressing times.
• Excellent skills in identifying patients’ specific medical and emotional needs and helping them come to terms with their situations.
• Qualified to monitor patients’ physical and emotional behavior changes and logging and reporting them in a timely and efficient manner.
• Hands-on experience in following a dedicated plan of care set by nursing managers and physicians.
• Demonstrated expertise in handling victims of emergencies such as acute sicknesses and accidents.

Nursing Aide Soft Skills for Resume
  • Physically dexterous
  • Organization
  • Documentation
  • Typing and computer skills
  • Communication
  • Time Management
  • Teamwork

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