Mortgage Originator Resume Sample and Template

Updated on: July 28, 2021

Prospective employers gunge the spark in the candidates by reading their resumes.

Therefore, you should spend some extra time to build and/or update your Mortgage Originator resume. 

The following example will assist you in this regard.

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Sample Resume for Mortgage Originator Position

Terry Green
8266 Killen Lane, Fairbanks, AK 07859
(000) 999-5452
tergree @ email . com


Energetic and dependable Mortgage Originator with excellent analytic and organization skills, targeted at efficiently approving and processing mortgage loan applications promptly. 17 years of verifiable track record in selling mortgage products to new and existing clients by providing them with detailed information of benefits. A meticulous individual who gathers and processes all information based on the selected loan programs.


Mortgage Originator
Freedom Mortgage Corporation, Fairbanks, AK
2017 – Present
Key Achievements
• Successfully convert 88% of the lead list into the business-providing customer base.
• Contribute to the organization’s revenue of $558,000 annually by self-generating $390,000 by employing exceptional marketing and lead generation skills.
• Implement a dynamic credit data analysis system which reduced credit history investigation time by 66%.
Key Responsibilities
• Make use of avenues such as seminars, presentations, and referrals to provide prospective clients with information on available mortgage solutions.
• Perform marketing activities over the telephone by calling prospective clients and generating solid leads.
• Follow-up with strong leads to provide them with reminders and to convince them to purchase mortgage solutions.
• Suggest and create mortgage transactions between lending authorities and borrowers.
• Initiate applications for mortgage and assist clients in filling them out correctly.

Mortgage Loan Originator Assistant
Some Company, San Diego, CA
2007 – 2017
Key Achievements
• Developed and implemented a lead generation strategy that brought about exceptional results, resulting in increased business for the organization.
Key Responsibilities
• Provided guidance on the risks and benefits of different available mortgage plans.
• Interpreted real estate laws, regulations, and policies to ensure consistent compliance.
• Handled background and credit checks to determine clients’ eligibility for mortgage loans.
• Assisted in having mortgage loan applications passed by examining applications.
• Completed mortgage loans by monitoring collection and verification processes.

Mortgage Loan Officer
First Heritage Financial, Fairbanks, AK
1999 – 2007
Key Responsibilities
• Answered telephone calls and provided initial information regarding the company’s loan products.
• Assisted clients in filling out mortgage loan applications while ensuring that all supporting documentation is attached.
• Provided support to the mortgage originator handling research work such as credit checks and client background investigations.
• Drew up mortgage contracts based on information provided by the loan originator.
• Handled filing and documentation activities by ensuring complete data integrity and confidentiality.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
Fairbanks Business School, Fairbanks, AK – 1997

• Loan Originating • Real Estate Appraisals
• Credit Data Analysis • Background Checks
• Customer Service • High Visibility
• Loan Processing • Strategy Development
• Lead Generation • Application Compliance
• Underwriting Standards • Sales Market Infiltration