How to be a Good CNA

Updated on October 14, 2018

We put in a lot of effort when applying for jobs, preparing for interviews and eventually trying to ace them so that we can get the job of our dreams.

However, many of us become “laid back” once we have attained our dream job.

But if we want to be sincere to our work, we cannot afford to do this.

Any work that we strive to undertake should be done so correctly.

That is especially true if we are working in a sensitive position such as that of a certified nursing assistant. A CNA needs to perform many sensitive responsibilities as her primary duty is to look after people who have trouble looking after themselves.

So, how to be a good CNA in a hospital?

Alternately, some CNAs are concerned about:

How to be a good CNA in a nursing home?

The following is a comprehensive guide in this regard.

How to Be a Good CNA

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How to be a Good CNA

CNAs are hired after much deliberation as they need to perform a vast array of work duties to perform.

A good CNA needs to be patient in order to handle many patients. Some of these patients may be more difficult than others. Therefore, it is vital for CNAs to maintain compassion and calmness, as well as tact.

Let us see what traits you will need to possess in order to become a good CNA.


While the professional CNA training may be limited, but there are always learning opportunities present in their workplace. They can learn from peers, supervisors and even from patients. This learning will help them perform exceptionally well.

A flexible approach will help you to become good CNA. This is because the flexibility will instill the willingness to accept new ideas.


A CNA needs to be excellent communication skills. Since she is in constant touch with patients, understanding their needs and ensuring that they are met continuously, is very important to be a good CNA.


Medical knowledge and the ability to administer treatment are fundamental. CNAs often face challenging situations where their mettle is tested to the core. So it is essential for them to know what is expected of them in this role.


CNAs are always on the watch – observing patients for changes in behavior or how they respond to treatment are some of the most important things that they do. To be a good CNA, one needs to possess exceptional observation skills.

Emotional Stability and Compassion

Being compassionate and emotionally stable is probably the most critical thing for CNAs to be as they often handle patients who may have emotional stability issues.


In order to be a good CNA, one needs to be accountable by nature.

Many CNAs look after just one patient in a facility. On the other hand, some have to look after between eight to ten patients simultaneously. Therefore, it is essential for them to understand their responsibilities.

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