5 Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Resume Samples

Updated October 22, 2022
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A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) resume is a one- to two-page document that contains information about your qualifications, skills, and experiences.

If written with care, your resume can open the doors to many highly-paid job offers.

How to Write a Professional Resume for a Certified Nursing Assistant Position?

1. Choose a simple and reader-friendly resume format or template.
2. Start your resume with a headline to grab the reader’s interest at the very beginning.
3. Divide your resume into different sections such as summary, skills, accomplishments, experience, and education.
4. Write short yet informative bullet points under each section in reverse chronological order.
5. Make a separate section for your achievements as a CNA.
6. Add personalized opening and closing statements at the top and bottom of your resume.

CNA Resume Page Cover

The following 5 CNA resume examples will guide you in your resume writing process.

Certified Nursing Assistant Resume Sample 1

Sharlene Peter, CNA
(000) 591-9876
[email protected]
14 Some Ave, Detroit, MI 65221

Compassionate | Caring | Dignified
I work diligently to achieve the highest level of patient comfort.

High-energy Certified Nursing Assistant with 8+ years of hands-on experience in ER, sub-acute, shock, trauma, and triage units. Successful track record of addressing to needs of patients in a prompt and friendly manner. Passionate and calm; able to work collaboratively in a fast-paced and team-oriented environment. A very caring and respectful attitude toward patients, staff, and families. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

Miami State Certified Nursing Assistant
First Aid and CPR
ABCX and BLS (American Heart Association)


Certified Nursing Assistant
Miami Healthcare, Detroit, MI
Key Accomplishments
Achieved 100% targets of the resident care plan in 2019, owing to exemplary dedication and passion.
• Designed a new timetable, increasing the overall efficiency of the facility by 40%.
• Reorganized OB/GYN department, improving the patient positive feedback by 50%.
Key Responsibilities
• Manage the personal care needs of 20+ residents per shift
• Accurately take and record vital signs
• Cautiously insert and empty the catheter bags, and give enemas whenever required
• Provide residents with companionship intending to maintain their comfort
• Assist residents in grooming, eating, medication, and toileting
• Make beds and change linen, and perform light housekeeping tasks in order to keep the room organized
• Maintain records and files of the facility
• Follow policies and standard operating procedures

Nursing Assistant
United Health, Schaumburg, IL
Key Responsibilities
• Assisted the licensed nursing staff in providing indirect as well as direct patient care to 10+ residents per shift
• Provided detailed information to patients and families
• Maintained an organized and safe work environment
• Ensured the implementation of infection control procedures
• Helped patients with toileting and bathing
• Maintained the confidentiality of patients and unit information
Key Accomplishments
• Helpfully interacted with coworkers, increasing the overall efficiency of the facility by 50%
• Highly praised by RNs for exceptional resident care provision
• Trained 10+ new nursing assistants, making them key contributors consequently

Nurse Aide Program
Community College, Detroit, MI – 2012
Completed 80 hours of extensive clinical training

Vital Signs | ADLs
Patients’ Safety | Hygiene 
Nail/Hair Care | Transporting 
HIPAA | Medical Terminology

Member: National Association of Health Care Assistants

“I am committed to bringing a positive difference in patient’s lives by assisting them in the activities of daily living”

CNA Resume Sample 2

Davis Roger
32 Wesley Street
Seattle, WA 67008
(000) 583-9654
davis.roger @ email . com

Successful record of actively assisting patients in their activities of daily living.

Uniquely qualified Certified Nursing Assistant with 7 years of successful track record in providing exceptional personal care services. A natural problem-solver who actively handles patients’ concerns while ensuring their safety and well-being. Able to communicate effectively with staff, patients, and families. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

• Enhanced the patients’ satisfaction level through professional work ethic.
• Implemented many efficient infection control protocols.
• Attained a 100% infection-free ward environment owing to extreme dedication.


Certified Nursing Assistant
Sep 2018 – Present
Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, WA
• Assist 20+ patients per shift in activities of daily living
• Actively respond to emergency calls
• Prepare patients for medical procedures
• Help patients with walking, eating, and personal hygiene
• Record and report vital signs
• Dispense and retrieve bedpans and urinals
• Insert and remove catheters

Nursing Assistant
May 2014 – Sep 2018
Mount Sinai Hospital, Seattle, WA
• Assisted 12+ residents per shift with bathing, nail/mouth/hair care, feeding, and toileting
• Helped licensed nursing staff with catheterizations and enemas
• Recorded patients’ intake and output
• Transported and ambulated patients
• Assisted the licensed staff in maintaining the ward
• Frequently updated patient charts
• Maintained ward supplies and inventory
• Facilitated patients in moving as well as transportation
• Prepared documentation such as admission, diagnosis, medication, and discharge

Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting
St. Peter’s Technical College, Seattle, WA

Washington State Certified Nursing Assistant – Current
BCLS, CPR, and First Aid

Personal Care | Sanitation
Toileting Support | Sample Collection
Housekeeping | Transportation
Infection Control | Vital Signs
Personal Hygiene | HIPPA Regulations
Catheter Care | Chart Updating
Equipment Handling | Inventory Control

American Nursing Association, ANA
International Society of Nursing Assistants, ISNA

“I am able to work in a team-oriented busy environment to attain the organization’s goals.”

Exemplary professional references are available

Nursing Home CNA Resume Example 3

Misty James
82 Springs Road
Nashville, TN 38035
(000) 287-3232


Compassionate and driven Nursing Assistant with a current Tennessee state CNA license and extensive experience working in busy nursing homes. Poised to follow and implement personal care plans and oversee patients’ needs.


Certified Nursing Assistant
ABC Nursing Home, Nashville, TN
Oct 2017 – Present
• Check work orders to determine the needs of the assigned patients
• Engage assigned patients in conversation in order to determine their personalities
• Take and record vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature, and pulse
• Provide personal care such as support in grooming, bathing, and toileting
• Observe patients in order to determine their conditions
• Intervene in emergencies and accidents
• Report any changes in patients to the doctor
• Address the physical needs of patients such as mobility and exercise
• Perform light housekeeping duties

Selected Achievements and Results
• Devised a customizable care plan for patients, decreasing problems associated with customizing each plan.
• Implemented a nutritional check system, hence, streamlining patients’ nutrition intake.
• Converted the facility’s records into electronic forms, reducing paperwork by 50%.

Hospice Aide
Haven Healthcare, Nashville, TN 
Sep 2013 – Oct 2017
• Assisted patients with daily personal care
• Provided assistance in getting up and lying down
• Pushed wheelchairs through the facility in order to transport patients
• Cleaned and sanitized patients’ rooms and changed bedsheets
• Ensured that soiled sheets and linen were transported to the laundry area

High School Diploma
Nashville High School, Nashville, TN

• Companionship • Light Housekeeping
• Family Assistance • Grief Counseling
• Reports Generation • Vital Signs
• Emergency Response • Ambulation Assistance
• Bathing & Dressing • Fall Prevention

Assisted Living CNA Resume Example 4

Jane Johnson
970 Atom Road
Monroe, LA97031
(000) 956-8542
[email protected]


• Uniquely qualified Certified Nursing Assistant with 5 years of hands-on experience working in assisted living facilities.
• Successful track record of assisting residents in ADLs.
• Dependable and highly organized, with excellent attention to detail.
• Able to develop a positive rapport with patients.

• Direct Patient Care • Personal Grooming
• Patient Assessment • Counseling
• Reports Management • Catheter Insertion
• Emotional Support • Health Precautions
• Patient Education • Patient Safety
• Family Liaison • Mobility Oversight

• Simultaneously provided direct care to 2 patients suffering from Alzheimer’s.
• Implemented a patient safety program, decreasing the chances of patients falling down.
• Trained 5 other CNAs in providing direct care to patients with dementia-related issues.


Backus Assisted Living, Monroe, LA
Mar 2019 – present
• Confer with health providers to determine assigned patients’ conditions
• Engage patients’ families in conversation to obtain patient information
• Assist patients with daily chores such as bathing, toileting, and grooming
• Provide emotional and physical support to patients
• Answer patients’ calls and respond to their needs
• Reposition bedridden patients so as to avoid bed sores
• Assist patients in eating and drinking according to their diets
• Measure and record food intake and output
• Examine patients to determine issues requiring medical care

Certified Nursing Assistant
Samaritan Health Services, Monroe, LA
Jan 2016 – Mar 2019
• Looked through care plans to determine care provision
• Assisted customers with basic grooming and toileting tasks
• Provided help with mobility
• Started infusions and took blood and urine samples
• Oversaw the cleanliness and sanitization of patient areas

Associate’s Degree in Nursing
Louisiana State University, Monroe, LA

Hospital CNA Resume Example 5

Nancy Holt
90 Fredrickson Road
Conway, AR 66652
(000) 587-9595
[email protected]


Highly skilled and resourceful CNA with an 11-plus-year track record of assisting patients and residents in the activities of daily living. Proficient in providing education and counseling to families, to help them cope with their loved ones’ conditions. Known to maintain a safe, secure, and healthy environment by following standards and procedures.

• Saved the life of a patient by noticing signs of distress and performing immediate emergency actions.
• Revamped the patient records management system, making it 20% more efficient than before.
• Singlehandedly provided care to 12 patients simultaneously in the event of an emergency situation at the hospital.

– Personal Care – Medication Assistance
– Emergency Response – Meal Preparation
– Records Management – Patient Education
– Geriatric Care – Dressing Application
– Personal Hygiene – Vitals Signs Recording
– Patient Monitoring  – Examination Assistance


Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)                   
CentraCare Hospital, Conway, AR
Apr 2015 – Present
• Assist patients with their personal needs
• Ensure patients’ dignity and wellbeing
• Administer medication and enemas
• Change dressings and splints while ensuring that wounds are properly cleaned
• Check patients’ vitals including blood pressure, temperature, and pulse
• Create and maintain records of patients while ensuring confidentiality

Nursing Aide                                       
Trinity Health, Conway, AR
Feb 2010 – Apr 2015
• Provided support to patients with personal needs, such as bathing and toileting
• Assisted nurses in administering oral medication following the medical care plan
• Oversaw the cleanliness and maintenance of patients’ rooms
• Assisted patients with meals, and recorded their intake

Conway Nursing College, Conway, AR – 2006
Associate of Science in Nursing Assisting

1. What is the purpose of a certified nursing assistant resume?

The purpose of a certified nursing assistant resume is to get a job interview – not a job. This document also helps in structuring the interview process and reminds the employer of you after you’re gone.

2. What should be the length of my resume?

Ideally, the length of your resume should be no longer than one page if you have less than 5 years of experience. You can write a 2-page resume if you have extensive experience in hand.

3. Can I add irrelevant experiences?

In most cases, No. The only exception is if you can justify that your duties were directly related to the CNA job.

4. Can I use an Objective instead of a summary statement?

Yes. You can use an objective statement if you are changing your career path, having gaps in your career, applying for the first job, or writing a federal resume.

5. What are the 5 most important aspects of a resume for a CNA job?

1. Focus on the needs of the employer
2. Use a simple format
3. Add keywords
4. Emphasize relevant skills
5. Do not forget to add your accomplishments as a CNA

6. What are keywords and how can I add keywords to my resume?

It is important to realize that keywords play an important role in a resume because they will help an automated system or ATS to select your resume.

Also, recruiters ask questions in an interview based on keywords.

Below are a number of keywords that should be included in a nursing assistant resume:

– Vital Signs – Acute Illness
– Teamwork – Evaluation
– Planning – Geriatrics
– ADLs – Symptoms
– Pediatrics – Reporting
– Patience – Care Management
– Confidentiality – Good Ethics
– Compassion – Physical Stamina
– Communication – Counseling

7. How can I handle any employment gaps in my resume?

Don’t consider gaps on a resume as red flags. Instead, write the circumstances that caused the gap. For Instance:

Groomed and raised my 3 children.

May 2015 – Sep 2016
Seriously injured in a road accident.

Traveled to 4 South American countries for pleasure and sightseeing.

May 2019 – Present
Unemployment Period
Working as a babysitter and lunch supervisor to meet daily living expenses.

Don’t worry! Hiring managers know different situations that can cause an employment gap. So don’t hesitate to mention your circumstances. It will not hurt your candidacy.

8. What kind of information and sections should I add to my resume?

In order to write an interview-winning resume for a certified nursing assistant position, you have to add the following information to your resume:

  1. Current address, phone number, and email address, as well as Linkedin ID.
  2. An Objective, Profile, or Summary Statement.
  3. Skills, Competencies, and areas of expertise.
  4. Professional experience, and quantifiable accomplishments.
  5. Educational and Certification(s) information.
9. Is there any information that should not be written in a nursing assistant’s resume?

Yes. You have to avoid adding the following information to your resume:

  1. Don’t add your picture, marital status, age, gender, social security number, hobbies, or Interests.
  2. Don’t use too dense text, fancy fonts, or inconsistent formatting.
  3. Don’t use personal pronouns such as I, me, or my.
  4. Don’t mention your current employer’s information or email address, or reasons why you left your previous job.
  5. Don’t include references – add a separate sheet of references if required.
10. I am an entry-level CNA with no experience in hand. How can I craft my resume?

Please refer to our Certified Nursing Assistant Resume With No Experience for further guidance.

11. Where do Certified Nursing Assistants work?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing assistants held almost 1.4 million jobs in the United States in the year 2021. The distribution of CNA employers is provided below:

Nursing care facilities: 34%
State, local, and private hospitals: 32%
Assisted living facilities & Retirement communities: 10%
Home health care services: 6%
Government: 4%
Others: 14%

12. What are CNA Educational Requirements

If you want to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, you will require to complete a state-approved education program. These programs are typically offered by high schools, communities, vocational and technical colleges, nursing homes, and hospitals. Additionally, you must take and pass a competency exam in order to get the license and the title of CNA.

13. What is the Salary of a Certified Nursing Assistant?

According to the BLS CNA Page, the median annual salary for certified nursing assistants was approximately $30290 per year in 2021.

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