Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description, Duties & Responsibilities

Updated on: April 6, 2023

Position Overview

Certified nursing assistants or CNAs assist patients in the activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, ambulation, and linen changing. 

Typically, they work in hospitals, private homes, assisted living facilities, and mental health facilities. 

Additional responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant include providing registered nurses with support in taking vitals and informing them regarding changes in patient’s conditions constantly.

There are many other tasks that they perform on a typical workday, such as accompanying patients to appointments and helping them during recreation time.

The following are job description statements for certified nursing assistants working in different settings.

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Hospital Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description

  • Take vitals such as blood pressure and pulse and ensure appropriate recording of each measurement
  • Provide personal care to patients such as skin/nail care, providing bedpans, and assisting with toileting and bathing
  • Give support in dressing and grooming
  • Take blood and urine samples for diagnostic tests and obtain test results from the laboratory
  • Change linens regularly while making sure that linens are sent immediately for washing
  • Assist patients in turning positions on a routine basis
  • Transfer patients from one place to another while ensuring their safety and comfort
  • Prepare meals for patients following their dietary needs
  • Maintain accurate records of food intake and output
  • Observe patients for signs of deterioration or improvement and inform the head nurse on an immediate basis
  • Assist patients in getting off and on wheelchairs and wheel them out for outdoor activities
  • Ensure that patients’ rooms are kept neat, clean, and sanitized at all times
  • Help patients walk to and from one place to another within a facility
  • Record detailed information about room visits
  • Maintain the confidentiality of patients’ personal and medical information
  • Make sure that all information is recorded in the logbook immediately
  • Administer enemas, douches, dressings, and surgical preps

Home Care CNA Job Description

  • Provide companionship to clients
  • Accompany patients to doctors’ appointments or exams
  • Provide clients with physical and emotional support during and after doctors’ visits
  • Weigh patients on a periodic basis
  • Provide emotional support to patients by listening to their problems and giving suggestions
  • Remain organized and calm even in unforeseen circumstances

Assisted Living Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description

  • Understand each resident’s care plan and ensure that it is followed correctly
  • Break the ice with new residents in a bid to make them comfortable.
  • Assist residents with personal hygiene, grooming, toileting, and bathing activities while ensuring that their dignity is kept intact
  • Provide support to residents with ambulation and exercise
  • Observe patients to gauge improvements or deterioration in condition and report any findings immediately
  • Ensure that case managers are abreast of each patient’s condition
  • Check and record patients’ vital signs on a periodic basis an
  • Provide patients with emotional support by listening to them and offering unsolicited advice.
  • Turn or reposition bedridden residents in an attempt to keep them comfortable.
  • Keep the residents’ rooms clean and change linen on a daily basis
  • Collect specimens for laboratory tests.
  • Assist residents with wheelchairs and accompany them to outdoor activities.
  • Monitor patients’ nutrition and hydration and make sure that their food intake is in accordance with designated diet plans.

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