How to Write a Follow-up Letter After Nursing Interview? Complete Guide

Updated on: April 13, 2022

Follow-up letters are not just a courtesy; they also serve a profound purpose, and that is to determine how well you did in a nursing interview.

If you have just been interviewed for a nursing position, you should write a follow-up letter after a few days.

Benefits of Writing a Nursing Follow-up Letter

A follow-up letter is a good way of reaching out to a prospective employer once again.

It is also a good way to reiterate both your interest and skills in the nursing job.

In essence, a follow-up letter for a nursing interview will be a mixture of a cover letter and a thank you letter.

You will begin by thanking the employer for his time in interviewing you and end on a courteous note exhibiting your anticipation for a call.

Structure of a Nursing Follow-up Letter

What do follow-up letters consist of?

They can encompass a lot of things, depending on what it is that you want to write.

If you aim to get more information about yourself to the employer because you forgot to mention something during the interview, by all means, put that information in a follow-up letter.

If it is to find out how long it will take for an employer to decide to hire you, you can simply ask. Let us look at an example here.

Content of a Nursing Follow-up Letter

A follow-up letter for a nursing interview will open by thanking the interviewer for their time and patience in interviewing you.

You can talk about anything new that you learned about the nursing world or the healthcare facility in question. This will make the reader feel that you were paying attention.

When writing a follow-up letter after an interview for the position of a nurse, make sure that you reiterate your capabilities.

Now that you have had a one-on-one with the employer, you will have a clearer idea of what he wants.

Therefore, if there is anything that you forgot to mention during the interview or did not stress enough, you may do so now.

This is especially helpful if the employer has mentioned the facility’s goal during the interview.

To be specific, an employer may have mentioned that he wants to add an oncology wing to the hospital that you are being interviewed for.

You can mention the fact that you have always looked forward to working with patients who have cancer, and this will give you an ideal opportunity to do so.

Last Word

Remember that a follow-up letter after a nursing interview will be written for one more reason and that is to find out how long the selection process will take.

So do not be shy and ask because you will need this information to determine if you need to apply elsewhere as well.