Top 6 LPN Resume Summary Examples

Updated on: April 21, 2021

LPN resume summaries are short paragraphs of self-praise that open resumes. A summary statement provides concise information about an individual’s abilities and competencies.

A summary just provides a cover, and this cover can prove to be a lifesaver at times. So never miss writing one!

A good resume summary depends on how well you know yourself. If you are aware of your abilities and skills, you can put them in a summary of qualifications in a manner that works for both you and the person who reads them.

To provide you with examples, here is a list of summaries for an LPN resume:

LPN Resume Summary Examples

1. Compassionate LPN with hands-on experience in efficiently engaging patients to develop lifelong well-being and health. Exceptional ability to build trust by consistently modeling and inspiring high levels of integrity. NY State certified. BLS/ACLS.

2. Uniquely qualified Licensed Practical Nurse with a track record of providing focused patient care by meaningfully connecting with them to build emotional engagement and provide patient advocacy. Well-versed in ensuring that nursing standards are met, and optimal nursing interventions are promoted.

3. Top-performing LPN with exceptional expertise in administering medication and treatments and ensuring that any side effects are immediately communicated to the nurse manager. Work well individually as well as part of a team in fast-paced and busy healthcare environments. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

4. LPN with documented success in conducting accurate patient data collection duties, identifying and prioritizing patients’ needs, and implementing correlating patient care activities following the protocols of the facility.

5. Dedicated, high-energy nursing professional with over four years of experience as an LPN. Proficient in identifying normal courses of illnesses in patients and recognizing the need to communicate with nurse managers so that interventions can be managed.

6. Self-motivated and experienced licensed practical nurse with exceptional adeptness in accurately communicating patient information to medical professionals and thoroughly documenting nursing actions and plans of care.