Top 14 Nursing Resume Summary Examples

Updated on: January 10, 2023

A resume summary is a short account of a candidate’s professional profile. It is written to impress the hiring manager immediately after they start reading your resume.

Always write a summary statement on your resume so that the hiring manager expressively chart out your potential.

A candidate who can communicate their abilities through a summary statement is usually considered.

The following are some professional summary examples to use on a nursing resume:

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Registered Nurse Resume Summary Examples

Experienced Nurse Resume Summary Examples

1. Experienced LPN with 9+ years of extensive experience in creating and implementing core medical care programs by charting out the patients’ needs. Highly skilled in establishing compassionate environments by providing physical, emotional, and psychological support to patients and families.

2. Top-performing Registered Nurse with a 6+ years’ track record of identifying patient care requirements and promoting patient independence. Adept at following set medical care plans aptly and ensuring delivery of exceptional care to each individual patient.

3. A highly skilled nursing professional with 7+ years of experience in documenting patient care services, maintaining continuity amongst nursing teams, and ensuring respect for patient confidentiality. Able to effectively administer medication by following specific instructions and monitoring patients to ensure their comfort and well-being.

4. Devoted and talented clinical nurse with 6+ years of experience in tracheostomy care, in-patient care, renal I&O catheterization, injections and immunizations, monitoring IVs, and collecting specimens. Highly skilled in providing emotional support to patients and their families.

5. Qualified and very brilliant Oncology Nurse with over 13 years of experience in the treatment of patients, interpreting analytical tests, treatment of cancer patients, customary checkups and appraisal of the oncology patients, managing patient credentials, and providing counseling in health services.

6. Top-performing Registered Professional Nurse with 8+ years’ successful track record of providing safe, competent, and quality care to patients based on nursing theory and research. Skilled in assisting in the development and implementation of standards of care and professional practice in collaboration with members of the healthcare team. Recognized for working following standard nursing policies and procedures.

7. Compassionate Registered Nurse with a 9-plus-year track record of providing direct patient care in busy and fast-paced healthcare environments. A driven nursing professional who is talented in taking and recording vitals such as temperature, pulse, and blood pressure, according to set hospital procedures.

8. Top-performing RN with over 2 years of experience in identifying patient care requirements, by establishing a personal rapport with patients and families. Demonstrated expertise in providing direct patient care by maintaining their dignity, and teaching self-care skills to patients.

9. Exceptionally capable, conscientious, and self-reliant RN. Known throughout the unit for exceptional skills in measuring health outcomes against patient care goals and standards. Highly experienced in recommending necessary adjustments to patient care plans and resolving patients’ complaints and problems in an effective manner.

10. Highly accomplished registered nurse, with 8 years of extensive experience in providing direct patient care in a high-end and busy hospital. Effectively able to provide care to a wide variety of patients, from pediatric to geriatric, by observing and recording patient behavior, and intervening during crises or emergencies.

11. Registered nurse with over 5 years of successful experience in establishing treatment plans, operating medical equipment, recording vitals, and performing diagnostic tests. Exceptionally well-versed in handling medical emergencies including heart attacks, strokes, and car accidents by following defined emergent methods and procedures.

Entry Level Nurse Resume Summary Examples

12. An energetic, organized, and extremely dedicated registered nurse with a deep insight into handling nursing procedures in large hospital units. Solid capacity to follow medical and nursing procedures in order to assist in the healing and general well-being of patients.

13. Highly motivated and competent nursing professional with strong proficiencies in diagnosing diseases by effectively analyzing patients’ symptoms and developing and implementing actions to ensure early recovery. Effective communicator aiming to provide patients and families with emotional support and educate them on different medical procedures and outcomes.

14. Seeking a position as a Registered Nurse in a hospital or clinical setting where I will be able to leverage my knowledge of providing exceptional patient care.