How to Write a CNA Resume in 2021 [Sample & Tips]

Updated on: December 28, 2020
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There are many complications involved in writing an effective resume for a certified nursing assistant job in 2021. Therefore, many people seek guidance online regarding a CNA resume sample.

CNA resume writing is tough, and even the experienced resume writing professionals have a hard time dealing with its intricacies.

How to Write a Good CNA Resume in 2021?

Whether you are an applicant for a job or a professional resume writer, see the following tips to write a compelling CNA Resume in 2021.

  1. Write 1-2 pages of good content to pique the interest of the hiring manager.
  2. Write confidently and clearly.
  3. Don’t use colorful fonts, pictures or borders on a CNA resume.

Take a look at the following CNA resume sample in order to get a better idea of how to write your CNA resume in the year 2021.

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CNA 2021 Resume Sample

Bianca Tron
348 Bordeaux Circle, Waukee, IA 66912
(000) 021-8545

Vital Signs | ADLs | Acute Care | Patient Education

• 15+ years’ successful track record as a certified nursing assistant
• Well versed in supporting clients, residents and patients in personal hygiene and daily living.
• Demonstrated ability to provide patients and residents with individualized attention, attaining the highest level of physical and mental wellbeing.
• Special talent for providing correlating physical and emotional support.
• Known to naintain patients’ comfort, privacy, and dignity.

Iowa State Certified Nursing Assistant

• Vital Signs • Dietary Care
• Bedside-Care • Infection Control
• Meal Preparation • Dressings Change
• Catheter Care • Ambulation Support
• Medical Terminology • Communication


Certified Nursing Assistant
6/2018 – Present
Suggested improvement in the personal care plans, which resulted in the fast recovery of patients
• Conducted 13 workshops on health promotion as part of the induction process for new CNAs
• Provide effective bedside care to 10+ patients per shift, such as changing, washing, bathing, and grooming
• Maintain comfort, privacy, and dignity of residents
• Ensure complete confidentiality in handling their personal needs
• Administer medications and provide reminders for oral medication
• Cook meals in keeping with each patient’s individual nutritional needs

Certified Nursing Assistant
5/2013 – 6/2014
• Provided support for body alignment and positioning
• Assisted patients with a range of motion exercises
• Assisted with catheters and enemas according to the prescribed plan of care
• Monitored and recorded blood pressure, respiration, pulse, and temperature
• Changed dressings and clean wounds
• Provided support with extended therapeutic services
• Ensured the constant availability of medical supplies and equipment
• Maintained patients’ records
• Wrote progress reports in a confidential manner

Nurse Aide
1/2012 – 5/2013
• Provided patients with bedside care such as positioning, lifting, and turning
• Performed grooming, washing, bathing, and dressing tasks
• Changed linen and made beds, ensuring the cleanliness of rooms
• Assisted patients in drinking and eating
• Observed patients for signs of distress or change in condition

Associate of Applied Science in Nursing Assistance
Iowa Nursing College, Waukee, IA – 2011
Body mechanics 
• Medical ethics and professional conduct
• Patient communication 
• Teamwork
• Basic bedside care
• Nutritional intake

BLS and CPR (American Heart Association)

• Post-Operative Care
• Communication
• Medication Administration
• Emotional Support
• Pain Management

CNA Position Requirements in 2021

In order to build a good resume for a certified nursing assistant position, you have to make sure that you fulfill the general requirements such as:

✓ Successful completion of a CNA program
✓ Current State Certification
✓ Good standing with State Registry
✓ Ability to work in a multicultural team-oriented environment


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