ICU RN Resume Summary Examples

Updated on: May 24, 2018

Resumes that open with summaries as their glory are often more successful than those which begin abruptly.

It is essential to create a resume which introduces the candidate to the hiring manager in a profound manner. And this is only possible if the summary exists at the top of the document.

What exactly is an ICU RN resume summary?

A summary on a resume is a short paragraph which marks the beginning of the document. This paragraph tells a hiring manager what a candidate is capable of doing on many levels, allowing him or her to make informed decisions about whether to hire the person or not.

If you write your resume summary with care, you will be able to get all information (that you want) across to the hiring manager. If not, it might have the opposite effect, so make sure that you know what needs to be written in summary.

Typically, you will be articulating your suitability for the job for which you are applying through the resume in question. This is why you have to be very direct, and to the point.

Highlight your best skills and capabilities for the job, in accordance with what you feel the hiring manager would want when writing a resume summary.

Here are some examples of resume summaries for an ICU RN:

ICU RN Resume Summary Examples

• Resourceful, diligent, and exceptionally talented ICU RN with vast experience in consulting and coordinating with healthcare teams, to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate patient care plans. Successful track record of preparing and administering medication, and recording activities about patient care.

• Top-performing ICU RN with over six years of experience. Highly skilled in Provides effective leadership in the delivery of quality patient care by planning, organizing and implementing nursing plans of care for assigned patients. Ability to remain flexible and adaptive. Recognized for accepting and implementing new ideas and approaches.

• Compassionate, qualified, and expert registered nurse, with extensive experience of working in an intensive care capacity. Highly proficient in performing approved therapeutic and diagnostic procedures, in accordance with patients’ clinical statuses.

• Results-oriented and patient-focused registered nurse with extensive experience working in an ICU capacity. Demonstrated ability to evaluate patients’ vital signs and laboratory data, aimed at determining emergency intervention needs. Known to lead, guide and motivate employees of the department.

• Qualified, compassionate, and highly experienced ICU Registered Nurse with high exposure to working in an atmosphere requiring hands-on abilities in managing patient care. Effectively able to provide critical patients with assistance in meeting day to day health goals, and ensuring their emotional and physical well-being throughout their stay in intensive care units.