How to Write a Cover Letter for Nursing?

Updated on: March 18, 2018


Nursing cover letters are a candidate’s best bet to create an impressionable first contact with a prospective employer.

Since it has the capability bring out a candidate’s best qualities, it is by far the most important document in a job application set.

Identify the role

To be able to write the perfect cover letter, it is important to first understand the profession that one is writing for. Let us take the nursing profession as an example.

How will we write one?

What do we know about the profession?

Nurses work in the healthcare industry and are required to provide direct patient care while assisting doctors.

Since a cover letter is mostly about skills and very little about the experience, we will need to portray a nurse’s better skills in it.

What to include?

Now let us reiterate what nurses do – they provide healthcare to patients. How they do this is what needs to be written here.

Nurses need to be completely service oriented. If you are writing a cover letter for a nursing job, you may need to highlight your ability to be totally committed to patient care.

Additionally, you will need to possess social perceptiveness so that you can react appropriately to patients’ and families’ reactions.

Apart from possessing excellent knowledge of medical terminology – which is a given – you will need to possess critical thinking and decision making skills so that you can react well in emergency situations.


Let us give you a few lines that you can use in your own cover letter:

As an experienced registered nurse, I possess the medical knowledge and the ability to provide excellence in patient services. I am confident that my natural ability to be empathetic and coinciding capability to manage patients by providing excellence in healthcare makes me just the perfect candidate for this job.

Surely you can build up by using these guidelines and example.