Top 10 Home Health Aide Achievements for Resume

Updated on: January 15, 2023

If you sent a resume for the home health aide position some time ago but haven’t heard from the employer yet, the problem could be that you did not give much thought to all sections of the resume.

Did you mention achievements in your resume? No? Oops! That is what happened – you didn’t give the employer anything significant to remember you by.

Achievements on a home health aide resume hold a lot of importance.

One reason is the fact that they tell the reader that you are an accomplished individual and you can replicate your accomplishments in your new role as well.

Another is that achievements are often used as the deciding factor on how a candidate will fit into the organization.

An accomplished individual is one who takes every opportunity to give something to the employer. If you are a contributor, mention it in your resume.

How does one write home health aide achievements on a resume?

It is not too difficult but you do have to make sure that you do not confuse achievements and job duties. They are not the same thing.

A job duty is something that is part of your job description and you do it every day.

On the other hand, the achievement is something that you accomplish (through job duties) and one that has a significant positive effect on the company.

Writing achievements on your resume is all about knowing this difference.

Here are a few examples of the accomplishments of a home health aide:

Sample Achievements for Home Health Aide Resume

  1. Demonstrated compassion, patience, and dedication, which increased patients’ comfort level by 50%.
  2. Attained the “Best Home Health Aide Award” owing to the passion to go above and beyond for clients.
  3. Effectively determined patients’ health plans by providing healthcare professionals with dedicated information on their lifestyles and eating habits.
  4. Received many appreciation letters from clients for actively assisting them in their activities of daily living.
  5. Saved a patient from a cardiac arrest by recognizing early signs of a heart attack through careful observation and alerting the doctor immediately.
  6. Implemented an activities-based care plan for patients with limited mobility, which increased their interest in extracurricular activities by 80%.
  7. Organized 5 workshops to train family members in appropriately lifting, turning, and repositioning their loved ones and employing compassion and patience.
  8. Integrated a series of mobility therapy programs into the facility’s standard health care plan with helped immobile patients by encouraging them to “walk only a step.”
  9. Created and implemented an observation plan to precisely determine the onset of dementia in elderly patients.
  10. Recognized by managers and staff as a communicative and determined individual who always does his best.
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