Care assistants work in different capacities especially in facilities that cater to the care needs of people with disabilities or very old people who are unable to look after themselves. Care assistants are expected to assess patient needs by diagnosing problems and formulating individualized plans for each of their wards. Apart from providing them with dedicated care plans they are also expected to work as mentors and advisers to patients and their families.

There are a number of other duties that a care assistant performs which may include assessing how a healthcare team is providing services and give them feedback in order to improve services. They are also expected to provide direct patient care in some instances such as administering medication and assist in medical procedures. The job of a care assistant is mostly quality management even though they sometime provide patient care too. They are also expected to participate in educational programs that help them in polishing their skills as care assistants and provide information of nursing practices.

A care assistant works best in the wake of accomplishments as the position caters to helping humanity. These achievements when placed on a resume can be instrumental in securing a job for an applicant applying for a job in this capacity. Let us see what some achievements for this position may be:

Sample Achievements for Care Assistant Resume

• Assisted patients in every step of testing and screening and provided them with relevant education which increased positive feedback by 50%

• Redesigned the patient monitoring system by creating a “check-in” system in order to manage the status of terminally ill patients more efficiently

• Accurately completed assignments and general duties which increased overall efficiency by 40%

• Maintains a clean and healthy environment in compliance with Universal Precaution guidelines and safety standards

• Supervised a large project pertaining to the training needs of new hires

• Grew donor base for a handicapped children’s facility by soliciting $50000 funds from donors across the state

• Attained the global standard for care giving activities at Sava Senior Care and was awarded the Best Caregiver Facility award

• Wrote a booklet on the protocols and procedures of care giving processes within the facility for new hires to benefit from

• Trained 12 new care assistants

• Consistently demonstrated obedience to established facility procedures, protocols, and standards