Position Overview

Ward Clerk is an exciting position and requires a lot of human interaction. The position essentially performs the prescribed duties of a general clerk, but within a medical setting. Since the specific location for the position is a medical ward, the ward clerk is required to keep record of all admitted patients, their bio data, case details and charts. The position is required to interact with nurses, doctors and patients regularly and is responsible for all ward related paper work and file maintenance for every patient admitted in the unit.

To write a convincing resume for ward clerk position, a job seeker must thoroughly understand the requirements of the position and typical duties of the same.


Ward Clerk Job Description Sample

• Update the doctor racks before round timings
• Maintain each patient’s case file and bio data
• Manage the computerized patient database
• Assist nursing staff in patient education
• Ensures implementation of Kardex or patient care plan including diet, medication, allergy details and mobility status
• Notify nurses regarding orders and monitor the fulfillment of same
• Adhere to general hospital safety policy and principles
• Ensure the cleanliness and orderliness of the ward and office area
• Issue charge and requisition cards as and when needed
• Review patient discharge charts and forms to close case file
• Keep track of follow up visits for discharged patients
• Work collaboratively with the team of physicians and nurses to deliver quality patient care
• Process and maintain MAR (Medication Administration Record)
• Replenish the stock of ward supplies by forwarding timely requisition forms
• Answer patient and patients’ families queries regarding admission, registration and discharge protocols
• Transcribe medical orders as and when needed
• Answer telephone calls and direct the same to relevant medical staff or relay messages
• Report any issue of concern in the ward to the head nurse directly

General Requirements

• Minimum High School Diploma, additional relevant certification preferred
• Proficiency with database and MS office suite
• CPR Trained
• Effective verbal and written communication skills