Nursing Unit Clerk Job Description and Duties

Updated on: May 1, 2021

Accurately written job descriptions for nursing unit clerk positions are not only important to attract the right candidates but they also serve as a parameter against which employees’ performance can be checked and evaluated.

As the title ‘job description’ implies, these are descriptive statements, explaining the exact duties or role of a certain position within an organization.

While advertising a vacancy, employers must give comprehensive and clear job descriptions so as to encourage well-qualified candidates to apply, who are geared up and ready to take up the role.

Nursing Unit Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

• Ensure clients’ physical and mental comfort by assisting in general routine care tasks
• Transcribe physician’s orders and forward the same for implementation of the treatment plan
• Explain procedures to patients and obtain their signature on the consent form
• Regularly take rounds of the wards and facility to ensure maintenance of a neat, clean, safe, and sanitized environment
• Report and forward patient data to the ward manager or RN
• Schedule patients for diagnostic tests, consultations, and surgical procedures as per physicians’ directions
• Coordinate patient care activities with the nursing department and lab
• Manage patient files and records
• Monitor supplies consumed by the unit, timely process requisition slips, and purchase supplies in bulk under the allocated budget
• Register new patients and process discharge slips of released patients after procedure and treatment
• Regularly take rounds of the ward, check patient vitals and ensure delivery of the highest possible quality of patient care
• Respond to telephonic queries and intercom requests, acquire and provide required information to patients
• Update patient charts and medical records as per dietary and medical instructions given by the attending physician
• Keep track of any work absences of the personnel
• Welcome the visitors and direct them to patient rooms