Purchasing Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

Updated March 3, 2021
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Being a candidate applying for a purchasing coordinator position in America’s current job market, one must never undermine the importance of a cover letter.

In addition to being a primary source of your first formal introduction to the potential employer, your cover letter for purchasing coordinator position also serves as a trailer for your resume.

It must instill interest in the potential employers to encourage them to pursue and read your enclosed resume, considering you for the position.

The key to writing catchy and engaging cover letters is interest. Your cover letter has to be meaningful in the eyes of the employer to win you an interview.

To do so, one must obtain some background knowledge regarding the target company and incorporate the exact skills they are seeking for the position into the letter.

If the employer sees the relevance in your cover letter, the chances are that you will win an interview meeting.

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Sample Cover Letter for Purchasing Coordinator Position

Gabriel James
gabriel @ email . com
657 Yorker’s Lane, Atlanta, GA 23994
(004) 333-4444

March 3, 2021

Mr. Juan Nicolas
HR Manager
Big Boxes Co
784 Industrial Ave
Atlanta, GA 23994

Dear Mr. Nicolas:

I am applying for the position of Purchasing Coordinator at the Big Boxes Co. I offer expertise in purchasing, order management, and supply coordination.

The following is an overview of my profile which is in remarkable accordance with your advertised job demands for the position.

  • Familiar with RFQ/RFI protocols
  • Well versed with the methods of reducing administrative costs
  • Effective skills in shipment coordination and inventory maintenance

In addition to the skills mentioned above, I possess ample work experience with JD Edward software and the MS office suite. My work experience at Fiddler’s trained me regarding the SKU packaging procedures and shipment scrutiny which could come in very handy at your warehouse.

I am quite excited about the prospect of joining Big Boxes as a Purchasing Coordinator. I intend to follow up with you during the coming week to answer your queries about my experience and qualifications. I enthusiastically look forward to a chance to meet with you and discuss what contributions could bring by joining your winning team.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Gabriel James

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