Information Clerk Resume Sample

Updated on: November 3, 2019

Resumes for information clerk position show your different faces in different places.

Each company that you apply for should be done with a separate, on target resume.


One resume for all just doesn’t work anymore. A general resume model is merely a shot in the dark – a hit or a miss. Usually the latter. This is especially true if you are at the higher end of the age scale or haven’t been employed for a while. Targeted resumes are the in thing!

You must have heard this a million times by now but let us go through it once more, just to make things a little clearer:

  • Generic resumes are candidate-centere
  • Targeted resumes are employer-centered

Take a look at the resume sample for an information clerk position below:

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Information Clerk Resume Sample


Jane Picard
193 Gary Road, Camden, SC 10293
(000) 951-8541
jpic @ email . com

Information Clerk

Positive, confident, and organized individual who is capable of handling office information and administrative duties by working as part of a team and on own initiative. Trustworthy, hardworking, and reliable, with deep knowledge of performing support tasks to ensure operational smoothness.

• Expert in maintaining paper and electronic records by using a variety of popular recordkeeping software
• Functional knowledge of researching information and organizing facts to be presented as validated data
• Able to handle scheduling duties effectively, by juggling existing agendas and appointments
• Skilled at performing data entry activities, keeping time and data integrity in mind

– Scheduling and Recordkeeping
– Bookkeeping
– Information transmission
– Correspondence management
– Inventory Management
– Organization
– Customer service
– Technically savvy

• Reduced paperwork by 67% by introducing an electronic records management system.
• Increased scheduling efficiency by 89% by incorporating executive agenda information into company calendars.
• Decreased information retrieval time by 50% by assisting in implementing a state of the art database system.
• Created a set of 100 memos and regular correspondence formats, which reduced emergency correspondence hassle.


Information Clerk
Kaleida Health, Camden, SC | 4/2014-Present

• Handle telephone calls and respond to information asked for
• Provide visitors and patients with heads up on their inquiries and problems
• Determine the nature of visit of persons entering the establishment and direct or escort them to their destinations
• Provide information regarding health procedures and policies and direct people to the right departments
• Direct incoming calls to intended recipients and take the message in the absence thereof
• Take and record information regarding patients, visitors and other people entering the facility
• Assist during admission and discharge procedures
• File reports and perform research and information retrieval duties as requested
• Handle facility inventory by initiating and maintaining contact with vendors and suppliers
• Distribute incoming mail and ensure that outgoing mail is sent out on time
• Prepare and send correspondence such as memos and letters

Information Services Assistant
The Salvation Army, Camden, SC | 1/2009-2/2014

• Took telephone calls and provided information to callers against their inquiries
• Collected information regarding members’ backgrounds and recorded it in the company database
• Prepared and mailed correspondence and ensured that any incoming mail is distributed timely and to the correct recipients
• Initialized and maintained contact with vendors and suppliers to ensure a consistent supply of office materials and equipment
• Operated and maintained printers, scanners, and photocopiers

High School Diploma
Camden High School,Camden, SC