As a court clerk, you will be handling the many clerical tasks associated with court cases including some other specialized duties. Basically, a court clerk is responsible for managing case documents and ensuring that all documents are properly filed. They are also responsible for ensuring that files that contain sensitive data are placed in low-access areas and are properly secured.

Another important aspect of a court clerk’s role is to handle a calendar for the office he or she works for. This may include dates of hearings and trials along with any other proceedings that lawyers or judges need to be present for.

The resume sample below provides us with an idea on how we can write one for this position.

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Courtroom Clerk Resume Sample


Justin Sledge

5672 Huffman Road, Anchorage, AK 62324
Cellular: (999) 999-9999, Email:

• Responsible individual with a keen sense of meeting the clerical needs of members of the judiciary system
• Highly experienced in the accurate and timely processing of information related to courtroom functions
• In depth know how of preparing records and docket management systems
• Functional knowledge of courtroom lingo and data entry protocols

♦ Court hearings♦ Correspondence management♦ Court orders creation
♦ Recording information♦ Proofreading♦ Meetings Arrangement
♦ Typing/Shorthand♦ Transcribing dictation♦ Courtroom recordings
♦ Files/calendar maintenance♦ Customer Service♦ Liaison

• Provided credence to an extremely difficult court case which was in limbo status for 4 years by researching important information.
• Introduced and implemented a real time docket management system which reduced the chance of errors by 32% owing to novel alarm system incorporated in it.
• Reduced paperwork 90% by converting all records into electronic records within the first three weeks of employment.
• Trained 15 interns to perform duties as court clerks in 6 months.


Athens-Clerk Unified Government, Anchorage, AK | June 2010 – Present

Court Clerk
• Attend court dates and hearings and record pertinent data
• Handle data entry duties and managed routine correspondence
• Type and proofread court documents for accuracy and completeness
• Handle courtroom recording systems
• Organize and maintain files of information and correspondence
• Perform case research activities and handle calendars
• Perform “calling” duties during the course of the trial
• Answer telephone calls and provide pertinent information to callers
• Ensure that work areas are kept clean and maintained
• Responsible for the safety of sensitive court data

City of Anchorage| Anchorage, AK | January 2009 – May 2010

Courtroom Intern
• Assisted in filing data and records
• Performed data conversion from paper into electronic
• Answered telephones and provided information to callers
• Directed visitors to the correct party or department
• Assisted in performing research duties
• Performed correspondence typing and record management activities

GED | Anchorage High School, Anchorage, AK | 2005