College Clerk Job Description Sample

Updated on: September 2, 2022

Position Overview

College clerks perform a huge array of clerical and administrative duties within a college office.

From simple photocopying to the more complex correspondence management tasks, they are required to handle them all.

College clerks are trained in handling office support functions that are particular to a college environment.

This may include providing support to the admissions office, sorting admission forms, and contacting students for admission information.

The first person you will meet when you enter a college office is a college clerk.

It is the duty of a college clerk to provide you with any information that the receptionist may not be qualified to provide.

Also, it is important for college clerks to possess outstanding communication skills as they often have to answer telephone calls and provide callers with information on college policies and procedures.

Another important duty of a college clerk is to make appointments and handle staff schedules.

They create class schedules once they have received instructions from teachers and ensure that printouts of schedules are distributed to each teacher.

Skills and Knowledge

One of the most important skills that a college clerk must possess is the ability to multitask.

They should be able to handle many different types of tasks in one go and it is vital that they perform all of them correctly.

They must maintain strict confidentiality, especially where student and staff information is concerned and possess a high level of communication skills.

College Clerk Job Description Sample

• Answer phone calls, and emails, provide information, and take and relay messages.

• Sort and deliver incoming mail and ensure that the correct recipient receives the right document/letter.

• Schedule appointments for office staff and provide them with reminders and follow-ups.

• Respond to written and verbal inquiries from students regarding college admission procedures, admission tests, and results.

• Type and format correspondence such as letters, memos, and reports.

• Use office equipment such as photocopiers and printers to print and copy important documents.

• Maintain paper and electronic records such as staff and student information.

• Ensure that all staff and student information is kept confidential.

• Prepare travel vouchers for students and staff embarking on college trips.

• Perform data entry duties such as punching student and staff information in school databases.

• Maintain knowledge of office supplies and materials and coordinate with suppliers and vendors when they run out.

• Prepare meeting agendas and take and record minutes of the meeting.

• Coordinate repair and maintenance of office equipment.

• Assist accounts managers in preparing documents such as tax returns and expense reports.

• Help students in filling out admission forms and answer their questions.

• Sort and file admission forms alphabetically and provide students with information on test dates and results.

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