College Clerk Resume Sample

Updated on: October 25, 2021

There was a time (quite brief), when the experts said that it was alright to make your college clerk resumes look glossy, using different fonts and designs. That time did not stay for long.


It did not perform well even with the people who initially approved the idea. Resumes that focus more on cosmetics, eventually lose their essence.

These days, simple resumes for college clerk positions are considered more attractive as compared to old colorful ones.

Employers tend to look for information regarding skills, qualifications, and relevant experience on a resume, rather than what font looks nice and if the picture of the applicant is taken from the right angle.

So if you are thinking of using all those fancy colors, fonts, and designs on your resume, ditch the idea now.

Craft your resume using the sample given below for a college clerk position.

Sample Resume for College Clerk Position

Neil Henderson
7829 Beadle Road, Scott, LA 88993 
(000) 999-9999 
neil.hen @ email . com


Energetic and results-oriented Clerk with hands-on experience in general administration, clerical and record-keeping arena. Always poised to achieve exemplary results. Able to collect and record information and quickly grasp and follow orders. A responsible individual who is willing to learn and accept constructive criticism.

• Committed to handling student and staff data confidentially in a college setting.
• Demonstrated expertise in word processing manuscripts, letters, documents, and proposals.
• Proficient in compiling and maintaining data pertaining to college events and admissions.
• Well-versed in updating and maintaining online bulletin boards.

• Meetings/agendas handling
• Communication
• Correspondence management
• Admissions
• Word processing
• Record-keeping
• Appointments scheduling
• Data entry 
• Inventory control 

• Created 50+ preset formats for office correspondence purposes, saving 60% on-time when producing written communication from scratch
• Introduced a pre-admissions procedure which reduced admissions hassle by 50%
• Implemented an online admissions form filling system, reducing paperwork by 88%
• Reined in college project dubbed Mashed Up Convocation, spanning a time period of 3 months


College Clerk
Nordan Piq College, Scott, LA
• Answer telephone calls and provide callers with the information asked for
• Respond to visitors’ and students’ inquiries in person
• Assist students with questions regarding courses and billing
• Provide administrative support for staff scheduling, training, and placement
• Attend to correspondence and incoming and outgoing mail
• Research information for teachers and staff members and provide them with feedback
• Maintain records of students and teachers and provide the status of records upon special instructions
• Scan student and staff files into imaging systems and keep recorded information confidential and updated
• Maintain the college calendar and arrange for special events to be organized
• Create and maintain liaison with vendors and suppliers for college equipment and materials
• Handle petty cash and perform limited bookkeeping duties

School Office Aide
Tennyson High School, Scott, LA
• Assisted in sorting out students’ files and arranging them in shelves
• Converted data on paper into electronic forms using imaging devices
• Took telephone calls and responded to queries for information
• Assisted administrative staff in handling correspondence and incoming and outgoing mail
• Provided support in managing fee bills, invoices, and receipts

A.A.S Degree in General Office Administration

• MS Word and Excel
• PowerPoint presentations
• Webpage updation
• Social media interaction