Project Coordinator Cover Letter No Experience

November 3, 2019
Project Coordinator Cover Letter Writing Tips

‘Keeping it Short and Simple’ is the key to successful cover letters for Project Coordinator resume.

Limiting your cover letter to one page is a surefire way of keeping the reader’s interest piqued.


You have to put yourself in the employer’s place. If you were required to see hundreds of letters a day, would you take very kindly at long ones?

You want your cover letter to rise on top of the stack of other cover letters.

Limiting all your information on one page is the key to success.

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Project Coordinator Cover Letter No Experience


Megan Wesley
542 York Drive
Chicago, IL 90396
(000) 234-6574

November 3, 2019

Ms. Wanda Loman
Human Resources Manager
Centene Corporation
39 W 45th Street
Chicago, IL 90123


Dear Ms. Loman:

I aspire to join Centene Corporation as a Project Coordinator. As a recent business management graduate from Chicago Business University, I believe that I am qualified to work on this project.

Here are highlights of some of my qualifications that I am positive you will be interested in:

• Comprehensive knowledge of managing project deadlines, resources, and final deliverables.

• Well-versed in ensuring that all project modules are completed on time during design, development, and implementation stages.

• Able to define project scopes and assist teams in staying within the confines of the definitions.

I believe that the actual depth of my skills will only be evident once we meet face-to-face. I will be in touch with your office to ask for an interview date and time that is convenient for you. Alternately, you may reach me at (000) 234-6574.

Thank you for taking out time from a busy schedule to review my application.




Megan Wesley

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