Position Overview

Court proceedings, judges’ orders and related documentation are important parts of any case. A dedicated person is needed to handle all these and this is the prime reason that court clerks are hired. Apart from handling the usual tasks of a clerk such as filing, record keeping and organizing data, they handle the more important part of court proceedings such as assisting attorneys and judges in ensuring that these procedures are expedited.

A court clerk is a bank of judicial information and required to provide a court room with the benefit of this information.

People who work as court clerks need to make sure that their expertise is highlighted in their resumes. Have a look at the following resume and this cover letter sample for Court Clerk position to make an effective job application package.


Court Clerk Resume Sample


Jason Donovan

78 Shoshone Street, Boise, ID 79111
(999) 999-9999,  jason @ email . com


Performance Summary: Self-motivated and resourceful professional with 14+ extensive experience in examining court documents, entering/updating records, responding to court orders and issuing warrants. Working knowledge of legal terminology and proceedings and general law. Detail orientated individual who efficiently performs research work and manages investigation and reporting tasks.

• Courtroom recording• Liaison
• Trial proceedings• Case filing
• Court calendars management• Scheduling dates
• Bail bonds handling• Answering questions
• Data entry• Customer Service


Lee County – Boise, ID | Jun 2008 – Present
Court Clerk

• Handle recording and management of court hearings
• Ensure that all court hearings are appropriately transcribed
• Arrange court dates in accordance to attorneys’ requests
• Make sure that lawyers, witnesses, accused and defendants are present at each court hearing
• Manage financial record keeping activities
• Process warrants, subpoenas and petitions
• Ensure that all court fees are collected and recorded
• File records and folders in a pre-designated format

Key Accomplishments
• Introduced a system that took into account procedural and operational avenues of cases and worked towards ensuring organized courtroom activities
• Provided administrative support to seven cases in one day in a marathon case run

Manatee County – Boise, ID | Jan 2002 – May 2008
Court Clerk Assistant

• Handled paperwork associated with court proceedings and hearings
• Took recordings of court proceedings and ensured that they are kept in a confidential manner
• Managed court correspondence such as letters, emails and warrants
• Took and maintained inventory of office supplies
• Made sure that all parties involved in a court case (judges, lawyers, defendants and accused) are informed of court dates
• Took telephone calls and provided callers with necessary information
• Handled research and data compiling duties

Key Accomplishments
• Revamped the filing system by incorporating a dedicated computer for data holding
• Worked for 48 continuous hours on an extremely sensitive case which was brought to fruition owing to the hard research work put into it

Associate’s Degree in Law | City College, Boise, ID | 2001