Court clerks perform important functions in a court by recording, filing and maintaining proceedings and books that may refer to precedents or past court cases. They perform many administrative and clerical duties that facilitate the court staff’s work in terms of efficient courtroom procedural management. They are also responsible for correspondence and typing and proofreading specialized documents for use in court proceedings.

These professionals also perform a number of additional duties such as answering public inquiries in terms of judicial proceedings, trial dates and witness fees along with preparing probation orders and summonses. A court clerk’s work encompasses a huge array of duties which may be customer service, document management, record keeping, oath administration and scheduling in nature. Essentially, court clerks are responsible for ensuring that all material that is needed for efficient court proceedings is up to date and available before, during and after proceedings.

In order to qualify for this position, you need to have an associate degree in political sciences or law. This coupled with some experience working in a court can do wonders for your resume. Another thing that can help an employer decide to hire you is the objective you provide on your resume. Highly underrated, a resume objective has great power in helping a candidate get a job. Below are some examples of resume objectives that you can use when applying for a position as a court clerk.

Experienced Court Clerk Resume Objectives

● Looking for a Court Clerk position at Minnesota Judicial utilizing diverse experience in expediting court proceedings by managing appropriate documentation and record keeping to provide ongoing and effective support.

● Seeking a position as a Court Clerk at Hillsborough County Government using expertise in verification of court data in order to facilitate court proceedings effectively. Working knowledge of legal terminology and procedures.

Entry Level Court Clerk Resume Objectives

● Desire a Court Clerk position at Shelby County, Tennessee. Offering keen knowledge of juvenile court management in terms of providing legal, administrative and clerical support.

● To obtain a position as a Court Clerk with Winona County District Court where skills in providing courtroom and case processing support can be utilized to facilitate court operations.

● To work as a Court Clerk for City of Corpus Christi using strong familiarity of maintenance and enforcement of court procedures in order to ensure smooth work flow of office.