Court Clerk Resume (Example, Template, Tips)

Updated on: August 2, 2021

The key to writing a winning Court Clerk resume is to make prospective employers realize how much talents you have to offer. To make yourself stand out, detail your skill set specific to the position.

You should also avoid general resume writing mistakes, such as including irrelevant information and experiences.

So let’s make the best of this situation and attempt writing a rocking resume for the court clerk position by following the resume sample below:

Court Clerk Resume Sample

Sally Wheeler
4788 Shalimar Drive, Long Beach, MS 70232
(000) 142-7474
sallyw @ email . com


Top-performing Court Clerk with hands-on experience in busy courtrooms. Expert in typing, proofreading, and distributing orders, providing advice on laws and judicial procedures, recording information, and transcribing data. Track record of organizing and maintaining files of records and correspondence of both routine and confidential nature.


Court Clerk
Tulalip Tribes, Long Beach, MS
(2012 – Present)
• Reorganize case filing system, making the process 50% more efficient than the existing one.
• Introduce a novel court dates scheduling system, replacing the old inefficient one, resulting in an increased focus on follow-up activities.
• Create dockets for cases to be called by using word processors and/or traditional typewriters.
• Handle case recording duties along with managing dispositions and court orders.
• Respond to queries from the general public and attorneys, while remaining within the parameters of court confidentiality.
• Prepare court orders, including probation orders, release documents, and summonses.
• Instruct parties of court timings and case dates and read charges and other related information during trials.
• Calculate and collect court fees and ensure that all collected amounts are properly recorded.

Court Clerk
City of Long Beach, Long Beach, MS
(2007 – 2012)
• Devised a jury fee calculation system, thereby ensuring that the process is less cumbersome and more accurate.
• Maintained judge’s calendars and prepared daily schedules to ensure their professional comfort.
• Responded to inquiries from attorneys and other office staff and the general public while remaining within the parameters of confidentiality.
• Prepared and labeled all admissible court evidence and exhibits and ensured that they are handled and stored with care.
• Recorded court proceedings and handled any correlating transcription or dictation duties.

Legal Intern
Central Courts of Long Beach, Long Beach, MS
(2006 – 2007)
• Typed 30+ courts orders per day while ensuring that any summonses or warrants were timely issued.
• Prepared files for court dates such as arraignments, bench trials, and pre-trials.
• Handled records management duties by efficiently filing records and ensuring that they are kept confidential.
• Provided courtroom support by ensuring that all exhibits are properly marked and stored after trial.
• Assisted in calculating jury fees and ensuring that they are paid and recorded properly.

Associate’s Degree in Law
Long Beach Community College, Long Beach, MS – 2005

• Correspondence Management
• Court Orders Creation
• Call Screening
• Records-keeping
• Jury Fee Calculation
• Judgment Approvals
• Scheduling and Calendar Management
• Clerical Direction
• Recording System Handling
• Minutes Recording
• Reports Maintenance
• Witness Contact