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Court Bailiff Resume Sample

So, you have come up with a bailiff resume document and are now thinking of pitching it into the job market? Well, a golden principle for resume writing is: ‘Write it till it’s right.’ Consider amending it?   The mailbox or inbox of a potential recruiter is probably being bombarded by many resumes daily. Time… Read More »

Court Clerk Resume Sample

Court proceedings, judges’ orders, and related documentation are important parts of any case. A dedicated person is needed to handle all these and this is the prime reason that court clerks are hired. Apart from handling the usual tasks of a clerk such as filing, record keeping, and organizing data, court clerks handle the more important… Read More »

Sample Resume for Freelance Court Stenographer

Court Stenographers are responsible for providing high-level clerical and transcription services to a court. They are also known as court reporters and may work on a regular or freelance basis depending on each position. If you are looking for a new job as a freelance court stenographer, you may need to create your resume to… Read More »