Deputy Clerk Resume Sample

Updated on April 8, 2017


Each resume that a hiring manager picks up is scrutinized for information that is relevant to the position that has been advertised.

Resumes that do not hold the required information are often rejected on the spot.


Do not put in any information in a resume which does not directly link with the employer’s requirements.

Here is a spot-on resume sample to look through:



Deputy Clerk Resume Sample



Henry Peterson

15 Utah Street | Parkersburg, WV 32088
(000) 845-2520 | henrypeterson @ email . com

“A rare combination of legal case handling expertise and clerical skills.”

Performance Summary
Well-organized and resourceful deputy clerk, with a track record of success handling court documents, scheduling court cases and assisting with legal proceedings. Highly experienced in preparing legal forms and documents, including motions, depositions and proceedings outcomes.

• Effectively create and maintain court dockets and scheduling cases to appear in court
• Highly skilled in processing court payments such as fees and fines, according to the protocols of the court and judicial system
• Deep familiarity with assisting in courtroom proceedings by recording minutes, marking exhibits, and swearing in jurors
• Exceptionally ability to researching and collecting various sources of information to support policies and programs in different jurisdictions

Professional Skills

✓ Records Management✓ Research Assistance✓ Materials Production
✓ Proceedings Assistance✓ Correspondence Drafting✓ Case Filing
✓ Payments Handling✓ Transcript Preparation✓ Bench Trials Setting
✓ Summons Issuing✓ Legal Terminology✓ Indexing



Parkersburg Court, Parkersburg, WV | 2012 – Present
Deputy Clerk
• Look through court lists to determine which cases are being admitted for hearings
• Prepare legal documents and forms required for court proceedings
• Ascertain that documents required for sentencing, releases and probation orders are timely prepared
• Create and maintain case dockets to arrange cases that need to be admitted into court
• Process court payments such as fees and fines and ensure that the cash drawer is properly balanced at the end of the day
• Assist during courtroom proceedings by recording minutes, marking exhibits and swearing in jurors
• Draft and send out case scheduling information to all parties to ensure their presence on the right date and time
• Provide assistance in preparing public notices, court agendas and minutes of proceedings

Selected Achievements
• Replaced the old indexing system with a new one, increasing the efficiency of indexing by 58%.
• Successfully handled payments for 18 case proceedings taking place at the same time, without a single problem arising.

Attorneys for Hire, Parkersburg, WV | 2008 – 2012
Legal Clerk
• Responded to inquiries over the telephone and scheduled appointments with clients
• Assisted attorneys in preparing cases by providing them with required information regarding clients and witnesses
• Provided research assistance by organizing resources and actively looking through precedents
• Created and maintained records of clients, witnesses and evidences in an accurate and confidential manner
• Created and maintained correspondence such as letters, memos and court documents

Selected Achievements
• Singlehandedly prepared transcripts for 5 cases simultaneously during absence of 4 other clerks
• Implemented an efficient records management system, which resulted in increased proficiency of obtaining case information.

High School Diploma | 2007
Parkersburg High School, Parkersburg, WV

• MS Word and Excel
• Internet, email and social media

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