School Cleaner Job Description

Updated on May 9, 2019

Schools do not only need to appear clean to form a good impression; since there are children involved, schools need to be clean to ward off the danger of diseases.

School cleaners make this possible by constantly cleaning and sanitizing school environments.


Cleaning the inside (and the outside) of a school building is very hard work. Schools are in a constant state of turmoil and keep getting dirty no matter how many times you clean them.

But regardless of how many times you have cleaned surfaces and furniture in a school, grub is evident!

A school cleaner’s job is certainly not run of the mill; it is intense and tiring since school cleaners work way after the home time gong has rung.

They are responsible for maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and maintenance around the school so it is important for school cleaners to be hands-on in what they have to do.


School cleaners have designated duties in different parts of the school. While their overall duty is to make sure that schools are clean, their work is actually divided into sections.


School Cleaner Duties and Responsibilities


Toilet and Cloakroom Duties

• Clean bathroom basins and sinks

• Scrub taps and showers and refill toilet dispensers

• Refill paper towels on towel stands

• Replenish liquid soap in soap dispenser

• Wipe and wash down bathroom tiles using appropriate cleaners and disinfectants

• Clean and polish mirrors and wipe any residual paintwork

• Empty trash bins and place them in recycling receptacles

• Scrub and mop floors using cleaner and bleach


Classrooms, Offices, Staff Rooms and Library Duties:

• Vacuum rugs and carpets and remove stains using brushes and cleaners

• Dust and mop hard flooring using appropriate cleaning devices such as brooms and mops

• Clean and dust furniture such as desks and chairs

• Wipe down grubby hand marks and sanitize floors

• Empty trash bins and clean / wash bins on a regular basis

• Remove marks from doors and windows

• Clean telephones and extension phones


Corridor and Stairs Duties

• Clean and polish brass fixtures and fittings such as lights and doorknobs

• Dust and wipe skirting, pipes and window ledges

• Vacuum carpets on stairs and damp mop hard flooring


Outdoor Duties

• Sweep driveways and parking areas and clear them of dangerous or unsightly debris

• Clear grounds of hazardous materials and empty grounds trash bins

• Shovel snow and sprinkle sand to make walkways safe for students and staff

• Assist gardeners with specific gardening activities such as raking leaves and picking up and disposing of cut grass

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