Car Cleaner Job Description for Resume

Updated on: March 6, 2019

Working as a car cleaner does not seem like a complex job. Actually, it is quite a feat to do this work flawlessly.

As a car cleaner, you will be expected to perform many duties such as cleaning and maintaining vehicles of different types.

Typically, a high school diploma or a GED is sufficient to work as a car cleaner.

Previous experience counts, though. As a car cleaner, you will be performing many physical activities, for example cleaning vehicle interior and exterior, and washing mats and carpets.

Car cleaners are required to perform detailing work as well. In fact, many of the duties that they perform are part of car detailing.

Apart from specific job duties, car cleaners are required to possess good customer services skills. Since they are in constant contact with people, their communication skills need to be excellent.




A list of job duties particular to the resume of a car cleaner is provided here:


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Car Cleaner Job Description for Resume

• Engage customers in conversation in order to determine their car detailing and cleaning needs.
• Inspect cars to determine cleaning requirements.
• Create cost estimates.
• Have estimates approved by clients.
• Provide clients with information on timelines required for cleaning their cars.
• Check cars to ensure that no valuable items are present.
• Take out mats and carpets and dust them.
• Perform activities such as vacuuming and washing to clean mats.
• Vacuum the inside of the car, including car seats and between seats.
• Use equipment like blowers to remove dust from unreachable places.
• Wash seats according to prescribed procedures.
• Remove marks and spots from the interior.
• Apply agents such as soap on car exteriors, and wash them off.
• Direct cars into the automatic car wash.
• Set gauges and valves in order to ensure proper functioning of automatic washes.
• Dry cars using cloths and other instruments like wind blowers.
• Polish cars from the outside, as well as from the inside.
• Spray window cleaner and dry off.
• Apply cleaning agents on rims and tires.
• Place mats and carpeting back into the car.
• Apply wax coats.
• Clean dashboards and consoles using soft cloths.
• Ensure that cleaning supplies and equipment inventory is properly managed.
• Inform supervisors of low stock situations.
• Provide customers with bills for rendered services.
• Operate POS systems in order to process cash and credit card payments.
• Handle and address complaints.
• Clean and maintain equipment and tools used for performing cleaning services.

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