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Updated on: April 4, 2022
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Below are some tips and a sample that will help you write a good cover letter for a makeup artist position.

Makeup Artist Cover Letter Writing Tips

• A makeup artist cover letter should always be tailored as per the prospective employer’s specific needs.

• Address the hiring manager by name. Cover letters that begin with the name of the HR manager have higher chances of being taken seriously as compared to those starting with a generic salutation like Dear Sir/Madam.

• Explain why you want to work for the specific employer and how your skills as a makeup artist will help you contribute to their bottom line.

• Briefly add information about your relevant experiences, qualifications, and accomplishments in the second paragraph.

The following is a professional cover letter for a makeup artist resume. Feel free to use this cover letter as a template.

Makeup Artist Cover Letter Example

Victoria Nelson
(000) 987-5645
[email protected]

April 4, 2022

Mr. Henry Benedict
HR Manager
ABC Company
4 Salsa Ave
Herndon, VA 67110

Dear Mr. Benedict:

I am very excited at the prospect of becoming a part of your winning team in the capacity of a Makeup Artist. In fact, I am very inspired by your company’s top-quality makeup services and cosmetology products.

My 7+ years of experience as a makeup artist has developed an aesthetic sense in me. Also, I have a verifiable track record of managing the client’s unique needs and preferences. I successfully anticipate clients’ expectations and exceed the same using my makeup skills and expertise.

My following qualifications will provide you with a reason to take a look at my attached resume:

• Special talent for enhancing the natural beauty features of clients.
• Competent in color blending, eye makeup, lip, and brow shaping.
• Full command of various hairstyling techniques based on hair texture, length, and thickness.
• Profound ability to offer cosmetic consultation services to clients.
• Proficient in black spot and facial marks concealing and foundation setting.
• Extensive knowledge of various skin types and suitable products for skin toning.

As I am competent in all areas of makeup; therefore, will be able to exceed your expectations.

I’ll be available for an interview whenever you like. I’d be happy to answer your questions regarding my qualifications at (000) 987-5645. In order to follow up on this application, I will call you next Thursday.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Victoria Nelson

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