6 Best Executive Chef Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: June 12, 2022

Grabbing an employer’s interest through the opening phrase (the resume objective) is not easy.

After all, a dozen other people will be doing the same thing at the same time.

And these “others” might even be able to put things in a better perspective than you can.

Know your limitations and then work around them. If you feel that your writing skills are not as good as Candidate A, B, or C, you might want to think along the lines of opening your resume with a bang!

There was a time when a power closing to any job application document was considered the best way of reaching out to an employer. Things have changed now and the “bang” needs to be present at every stage – even when you write your resume objective.

How do you intend to do this?

You follow just one piece of advice – open your objective statement with the skill or achievement that best defines you as an employee. Self-praise will help your case immensely.

However, you must never go overboard with self-praise as you may come across as someone who is in it just for the glory. Make your resume objective employer-centered, while providing solid information on how you can help the company achieve its long and short-term goals.

Here are some examples of resume objectives that you can emulate:

Sample Objectives for Executive Chef Resume

1. Highly experienced and dedicated Executive Chef seeking a position at American Cruise Lines, providing the benefit of deep insight into running busy kitchens, to ensure that they meet the company’s standards.

2. Energetic Executive Chef seeking a position at Patina Restaurant Group, employing expertise in planning menus and creating recipes, along with exceptional ability to manage and train kitchen staff at all levels.

3. Seeking an Executive Chef position with Levy Restaurants. Bringing a strong background in ensuring high culinary and food service standards in busy kitchens, along with a great ability to handle kitchen budgets in a profound manner.

4. Results-oriented Executive Chef looking for a position at International Palm Resorts. Bringing the ability to schedule and coordinate the work of chefs, cooks, and food preparers and ensure a high standard of kitchen sanitation.

5. To contribute to La Cochina as an Executive Chef. Offering deep insight into planning menus and recipes according to both local and international customers’ tastes, with special talents in preparing Italian, Turkish, French, and Russian cuisines.

6. To obtain an Executive Chef position with STARR Restaurants. Bringing a 5-plus-year proven track record of overseeing and leading the activities of fast-paced kitchens. Eager to provide the benefit of experience in developing recipes and menus, and handling food inventory and rotation activities spanning over 12 years.