Assistant Chef Resume Sample

Updated on: May 5, 2021

Assistant chefs are responsible for ensuring that everything is ready for the head chef to start his work.

That may include ensuring that cooking utensils are clean, vegetables and meats are chopped and that the work area is clean and sanitized. Assistant chefs also cook and prepare food and are responsible for placing food items in dishes in an aesthetic manner.

The culinary field employs different professionals that work with one aim in mind – patron satisfaction.

While the head chef may get all the credit for a well-cooked and presented meal, it is the effort of many people who work diligently to put a meal together.

The position of an assistant chef is one such role that contributes enormously to the success of any meal. People who work as assistant chefs possess great knowledge of cooking and putting dishes together; when this information is placed on a resume, it is vital to an employer’s decision to hire an assistant chef.

Assistant Chef Resume Example

Daniel Murray
399 Beaver Pond Road, Brookline, NH 55433
(009) 999-9999


• Personable and active culinary professional with 7+ years of hands-on experience in assisting the Executive Chef in overseeing all kitchen operations and staffing procedures.
• Expert in cooking specialty food with a particular focus on Mexican and Italian cuisines
• In-depth knowledge of preparing food following recipes and menu items
• Working experience in ordering and using quality ingredients
• Well versed in timely preparation of food items and ensuring proper sanitation of work area and equipment
• Effective skills food and labor cost reduction techniques while maintaining quality standards

– Knives and small wares
– Weights and measures
– Health and safety
– Various cooking techniques
– Slicing / cryovac machines
– Sanitation procedures


Assistant Chef
Sur La Table, Brookline, NH
2016 – Present
Key Responsibilities
• Oversee timely preparation of kitchen equipment and items
• Cook quality food in accordance to set recipes
• Ensure that prepared dishes are set aesthetically
• Monitor food costs and budgets
• Ensure that stored food is appropriately rotated
• Discard near expiry food items
• Maintain overall cleanliness and hygiene of the kitchen
• Manage and monitor overproduction and food waste in an appropriate manner
• Make sure that all equipment is serviced and maintained properly
Selected Achievements
• Implemented a successful inventory strategy which ensured that any near expiry or expired items are singled out in time for appropriate action.
• Decreased overall food costs by implementing a bulk buying policy for non-perishable goods.

Culinary Apprentice
ABC Hospitality, Brookline, NH
2014 – 2016
Key Responsibilities
• Prepared raw items for cooking purposes
• Ensured that all vegetables, meats, and fruit are cleaned and cut according to set instructions
• Cleaned kitchen counters and washed dishes
• Operated and maintained kitchen equipment
• Provided serving duties in the absence of serving staff
Selected Achievements
• Provided services as a server for a 13-hour shift without making errors
• Awarded Employee of the Month award following excellence in multitasking between the dining area and the kitchen

Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts
Brookline City College, Brookline, NH

• Leading and mentoring teams to provide excellence in customer services
• Handling a high volume environment with a great ability to work well under stress
• Professional appearance, attitude, and demeanor