Executive Chef Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: May 9, 2019

Successfully moving up the ladder in any given capacity is quite an achievement.

However, this achievement does not help with the uncertainty that interviews bring.

Whether you are being hired for a position internally, or for an entirely different organization, you will always feel a bit scared at the prospect of being interviewed. This is natural, and it is perhaps this uncertainty that will encourage you to plan your interview execution properly.

If you are being interviewed for a position that is high on the hierarchy, it is obvious that you know your work.

Do not let interview jitters interfere with your confidence. You know you are good and that is what you need to tell the interviewer as well.

As you go through your preparation notes, make sure that you know why it is that you are eligible for the position for which you are applying.

Do not make the interviewer feel that you are unaware of your suitability and talents.

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Here is a set of questions and answers that you may come across while being interviewed for an executive chef position:

Executive Chef Interview Questions and Answers

Why do you feel that you are well-qualified to work as an executive chef at our restaurant?

The one main reason that I feel qualified to work for your restaurant is the fact that I have climbed up the kitchen staff hierarchy ladder step-by-step over the last 10 years. I feel that I am now prepared to take up this role as I understand and appreciate the struggle of each stage and can work effectively in providing support.

As an executive chef, what is the first thing that you will do in a kitchen that has often been a reason for criticism?

In a kitchen that receives criticism often, there is usually a problem with the base structure. My first thought would be to investigate the problem. When I know where the problem lies, I will create a structure or system to make sure that all kitchen operations are handled within that scope.

As an executive chef, what do you believe your prime duties will be?

From recipe and menu development and staff scheduling and overseeing, to ensuring that the kitchen is run smoothly and is clean and sanitized, I anticipate handling it all.

Tell us of a time when you were put in a situation which truly tested your ability to handle things as an executive chef.

We were catering a large order of 112 pizzas and ironically ran out of pizza cheese! It was one of the most mortifying moments of my life. Thankfully, I knew of a local cheese supplier who was kind enough to supply me the cheese, provided that I went to pick it up from her. I rushed to her outlet myself. Thankfully, the cheese hadn’t run out for the running orders till then and we were still able to prepare them all on time!

As a chef, what is your specialty?

I am experienced in cooking many different types of cuisines, including French, Persian, Italian, Indian and Turkish. This makes me a cut above others as not many people can do justice to so many different types of cuisines – 2 or 3 are usually the limit!

If we asked you to add just one or two specialties to our present menu, what would they be and why?

I would suggest that you add a couple of organic or diet entrees in your menu. This is because customers are becoming increasingly health conscious and by doing so, you will be catering to an entirely new market, which in turn, will increase revenue as well.

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