A chef position – like many other positions of hospitality industry – is skills based. Therefore it is not difficult to write an impressive cover letter even if you are an entry level candidate who has no experience in hand.

In order to write an effective chef cover letter, you need to tailor it as per needs of employer. The more optimized your letter is, greater are the chances of an interview.

Build your cover letter with help of bullets or headings and mention any volunteer work or relevant internship you have attained.

Following is a sample cover letter for a non experienced chef.


Entry Level Chef Cover Letter Sample – No Experience


Margaret Kinsley

467 Lilly Ave, Novi, MI 89332
Cellular: (003) 222-6666 | Home: (004) 666-5555
margaret @ email .com

May 29, 2016

Mr. Timothy Derek
Jinx Motel
79 Commercial Sq
Novi, MI 89332


Dear Mr. Derek:

I am eager to contribute to the culinary team of Jinx in the role of a Chef. Having completed professional chef training from City Community College, I am now fully equipped with all the skills and abilities.

Please allow me to highlight some of my talents:

• Special talent for checking the freshness of ingredients
• Works collaboratively with cooks and other food preparation workers
• Knowledge of kitchen and service area hygiene and sanitation standards
• Well versed in kitchen prep protocols for various departments including pastry section
• Trained in managing stock register and maintaining inventory
• Demonstrated ability to handle grills and electrical cooking appliances safely and effectively

As a customer service-oriented and highly industrious individual, I am always willing to adapt the new surroundings. My enclosed resume contains my relevant skills in further detail. I eagerly look forward to securing an interview with you to discuss this further.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Margaret Kinsley