Early childhood teaching is a professional field and highly trained individuals qualify for an ECE position. Accordingly only candidates with high profile resumes usually make their way up to an interview. Coming up with an impressive resume calls for an impressive objective statement, which is the first and perhaps the most important component of the document. The key in achieving a successful objective lies in customization. Tailoring your resume objective to suit the needs and cater for the demands of the early childhood education job is an art.

A winning objective statement is typically a blend of some needed skills, a positive attitude of willingness towards the profession and an ample demonstration of confidence. A resume objective consisting of these three ingredients seldom fails. This post provides some sample resume objectives for an ECE (Early Childhood Educator) position.


Sample Objectives for ECE Resume

If you have a high profile resume with lots of experience to flaunt, it is ideal to format your objective in a summary like manner. This not only serves the purpose of a typical resume objective statement but also serves as a performance summary. These personal brand statements are very selling and extremely popular in present day job market.

• Seasoned and well-qualified early childhood education professional seeking work at Tulip Montessori in similar capacity. Offering 6+ years of hands on experience in motor skills development, social play based activity designing and cognitive development facilitation.

• Upbeat, responsible early childhood education teacher seeking work with ABC School. Bringing innovative technology ridden lesson delivery techniques with a broad aim of making a difference in general approach to early childhood education.

In case you are going for a skills focused or functional resume, the best choice perhaps is a typical objective. The typical objective is a very brief statement, simply mentioning the position you are interested in along with some of the basic skills you have to offer in capacity of an ECE.

• Looking for an early childhood educator position with XYZ School where practical developmental acumen can be utilized for cognitive and psycho social development of children.

• Seeking to join the team of educators at Austin City School in the capacity of an early childhood educator. Bringing expertise in activity designing, social grooming and cognitive stimulation.

It is important to demonstrate sufficient amount of confidence coupled with potential attachment with the hiring organization via the objective statement. If the potential employer instantly sees some affiliation in your objective, your resume is sure to win you an interview! For example:

• A resourceful early childhood educator seeking an opportunity to join the dedicated team of professionals at Harley’s Education Center where skills in lesson development and instruction could prove to be productive for the organization.