PTA Job Description for Resume

Updated on: August 4, 2021

Position Overview

A Physical Therapist Assistant and Aide supports physical therapists in conducting medical treatment programs for patients to bring back their body function, lessen pain, and avert disability due to disease or injury.

Remember that there is a slight difference between the duties of Assistant and Aide; both are given on this page.

PTAs typically work with health team members in part of a team; such as occupational therapists, nurses, physicians, and other specialists. Aides help PT and Therapist Assistants in cure programs.

They usually work in a relaxed and well-resourced environment.

Their work is physically and emotionally demanding; they stand for long periods, move apparatus, and assist patients to turn, position, or walk.

The following job duties for physical therapist assistant/aide or PTA Resume might be added to the experience or employment history section.

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Physical Therapist Assistant Job Description for Resume

• Assisted PT to perform patients’ tests, measurements, and evaluations

• Discussed patient cases with the doctor and physical therapists, social workers, nurses, and psychologists

• Instructed clients and their families about exercises to be continued at home

• Educated and motivated patients in mechanized exercises

• Monitored the effects of different types of treatments and conferred with the physical therapist to attain maximum benefits

• Administered manual therapeutic exercises to advance and maintain muscle function

• Secured clients in or on therapy equipment

• Assisted in deep and surface massage techniques

• Oversaw the work of Physical Therapy Aides and students internees

• Recorded patients’ treatments, response times, and development

Physical Therapist Aide Job Description for Resume

• Transported patients to and from parking and treatment region

• Helped clients in changing and moving before and after treatment

• Organized, sterilized, and sanitized treatment equipment and therapy work area

• Supported and stabilized clients and patients for the duration of procedures, tests, and evaluations

• Assisted patients in scheduled treatments such as paraffin baths, hydrotherapy, hot and cold packs, and massages

• Observed patients with symptoms of low energy and pain during treatment

• Recorded treatment and equipment used manually and in the system

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