8 Sous Chef Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: December 27, 2022

When you apply for a sous chef job, you should convey your career goal or objective to the employer through your resume.

Your objective statement is either a focused or generic statement. 

The generic objective contains the title of the position only. But, writing a generic objective statement is considered a waste of precious space on the resume.

The employers don’t want to hear that you want the job. Instead, they want to know what skills you offer to the prospective organization.

An ideal objective statement for this position should be brief and to the point, conveying your interest in the field and stating how you intend to utilize your competencies for the betterment of the prospective organization.

The following are 6 resume objectives examples of the position of a sous chef. Get ideas from these samples and create a unique objective statement for your resume.

Sample Objectives for Sous Chef Resume

1. Extremely passionate and motivated Sous Chef seeking a position at Martin’s Grill. Eager to deliver exceptional culinary services by utilizing my profound cooking skills, station coordination expertise, and aesthetic taste for fine dining.

2. Highly experienced, resourceful, and creative sous chef, with extensive exposure to working in busy restaurant kitchens. Eager to work for ABC Restaurant where my expertise in handling food preparation and cooking activities will be used to maintain the quality and standard of all food items.

3. Eager to manage the kitchen operations of XYZ Restaurant for preparing food items, assisting with food rotation activities, and providing support to lead chefs so that orders are delivered on time.

4. Resourceful, innovative culinary professional seeking a Sous Chef position with Tree Hill Restaurant where my culinary insight and familiarity with cookery would come in handy to create and serve delicious food to guarantee 5-star reviews on social media.

5. Looking for a challenging position as a sous chef at Hilton Hotel. Offering 6+ years of hands-on experience in monitoring and coordinating various cooking stations to maintain high culinary standards.

6. Poised to work as a sous chef for ABC Restaurant. Bringing a high level of culinary and hospitality acumen, cookery skills, line coordination expertise, and knowledge of fine dining protocols.

7. To work for Global Flavors as a Sous Chef to use a verifiable track record of creating and delivering superb food with uniquely blended combinations from various cuisines.

Entry Level Sous Chef Resume Objective Example

8. Seeking an entry-level sous chef position at Holiday Inn. Bringing knowledge of menu and recipe development, exposure to world cuisines, and comprehension of running a busy kitchen.

Final Thought

Writing a resume objective statement is not a big deal if you know the basics of it. The first thing that you have to understand is what this particular section of a resume denotes.

A Sous Chef’s objective is written for one primary purpose, and that is to encourage hiring managers to keep reading.

Often, hiring managers read the first few lines of a resume and if they are not impressed, they move on to the next resume. In order to keep them interested in your candidature, it is important to create a resume objective with a lot of care and thought.

Basically, resume objectives are short snippets of your skills and passion, designed to entice a hiring manager to keep reading.