Line Cook Cover Letter: 3 Examples Based on Experience Level

Updated: March 26, 2023

A line cook cover letter is a very important document that must be sent along with a resume or job application.

This single-page document needs to be written in a way that sums up your key qualifications and enthusiasm in one place.

A cover letter is a tool to introduce yourself and your cooking skills to the employer while highlighting your relevant experiences, training, and why you are interested in working for that employer.

It must be remembered that your cover letter should be individually tailored to the requirements of each organization you apply for. It does not mean that you copy and paste the job description provided by the employer. Instead, you need to relate your skills, expertise, and experience to the requirements of the employer.

Your cover letter should be free of typos and grammatical errors.

The following 3 samples will give you a better idea of how to write a cover letter for a line cook resume.

Line Cook Cover Letter Sample 1
Experience: 10+ Years

Anna Anderson
32 9th Street
Niagara Falls, ON Z9T 3F9
(000) 857-9658
[email protected]

March 26, 2023

Ms. Sara Smith
Manager (Human Resources)
Great Wolf Lodge
3950 Victoria Avenue
Niagara Falls, ON L2E 7M8

Re: Line Cook Job

Dear Ms. Smith:

This letter and the attached resume are a strong expression of interest in the line cook position at Great Wolf Lodge. With my diploma in culinary arts and 10+ years of extensive experience as a cook, I would be able to contribute to your culinary team immensely.

As indicated in the enclosed resume, I am an expert in preparing and cooking full-course meals, individual dishes, and special meals for people with food allergies, as directed by a chef or dietitian. Moreover, I have a demonstrated ability to set up the station, maintain equipment, control food presentations, and quality and clean kitchen and work areas periodically.

My food specializations include soups and sauces, pasta, fish, cold kitchen (salads, appetizers, and sandwiches), meat, poultry, and particularly Seafood. Some of my specific skills include:

  • Effectively setting the tone of a fast-paced line
  • Actively managing the consistency and quality of the dishes
  • Ensuring cleanliness and sanitation of the work area, particularly at the end of each service
  • Providing top quality and meeting the standards set by the Chef

I would genuinely appreciate the chance to meet with you so that we may further discuss how my skills and qualifications might serve the culinary needs of your organization. I will contact you in a couple of days to arrange a meeting time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Anna Anderson
(000) 857-9658

Attachment. Resume

Line Cook Cover Letter Sample 2
Experience: 5+ Years

March 26, 2023

Ms. Felicity Jones
Human Resource Manager
Hilton Towers
1837 Reeder School Road
Franklin, KY 42152

Dear Ms. Jones:

I’m excited by the possibility of joining Hilton Towers as your line cook. Through my 5+ years’ career as a line cook, I learned the ropes quickly, and have been quite successful in providing kitchen staff and chefs with assistance in completing their tasks efficiently. I am confident that I will be able to ensure that food preparation activities are correctly carried out.

As can be seen in the attached resume, I am an expert in preparing ingredients such as meats, vegetables, and cheeses, under the specifics of provided recipes. My salad and soup-making capabilities are exceptional, and I can create entrees particular to many world cuisines, including French, Chinese, Indian, and Italian.

Moreover, I am highly experienced in handling food supplies inventory and managing both preventative and regular maintenance on kitchen appliances, such as grills, fryers, and hot plates. My supervisors have commended my ability to ensure that orders are prepared and delivered on time and that garnishing and portioning activities are carried out according to provided instructions.

Let’s meet in person soon so that I can give you a more comprehensive picture of my abilities and experience as a line cook. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Aiden Beech
(000) 248-3265

Line Cook Cover Letter Sample 3
Experience: 2+ Years

Anna Brown
321 6th Street
Atlantic City, NJ 02131
(000) 547-8547
anna.brown @ email . com

March 26, 2023

Ms. Claire Wood
Senior Manager
Famous Dave’s of America
521 New South Street
Mountainside, NJ 05221

Dear Ms. Wood:

As an enthusiastic and resourceful culinary professional, I am eager to work as a Line Cook for Famous Dave’s of America.

Through my 2+ years of hands-on experience as a line cook, I developed substantial expertise in preparing food, completing all assigned prep list items, and setting up cook’s line stations. Mainly, I am well-versed in maintaining product presentations, bussing tables, unpacking the food, supplying deliveries, cleaning workstations, washing dishes, and organizing the stockroom.

My talents include:

  • Working closely with the managers, servers, and kitchen staff to attain maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Ensuring customer service delivery, cleanliness standards, and adequate stock levels.
  • Working in a fast-paced environment to perform cooking, plating, and prep work.
  • Creating and maintaining long-term professional relations with clients.
  • Ensuring strict compliance with quality assurance, and health and safety standards.

I am eager to discuss your expectations in relation to my qualifications. I will contact you in a few days to follow up and answer your questions My resume is attached for your review.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Anna Brown
(000) 201-9695

Attachment. Resume

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