Top 21 Commis Chef Skills and Abilities for Resume

Updated on: November 1, 2020

Skilled commis chefs are always required, especially in fine dining restaurants. In order to show the hiring manager that you fit the bill, you must fill out the resume skills section in a proper manner.

Your skills in a restaurant kitchen capacity must be well-developed. Only then will a hiring manager pick you up from the lot. And since the resume is the best place to showcase your skills, you need to be highly vigilant when filling out this section.

Depending on how extensive your commis chef experience is, make sure that you write skills statements that really matter to the hiring manager.

This is important because unless you offer what the hiring manager needs, your resume will not be selected.

There is a lot of competition for commis chef positions, which is why you need to ensure that you top the list of candidates.

If you are looking for commis chef skills statements samples, here are a few:

21 Sample Skills for Commis Chef Resume

  1. Excellent ability to determine ingredients required for different dishes
  2. Demonstrated expertise in cutting, cubing, and chopping meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables
  3. Knowledge of preparing ingredients by marinating them
  4. Effectively able to maintain high levels of kitchen assistance service at all times
  5. Proven ability to keep all assigned areas clean and maintained at all times
  6. Solid track record of ensuring minimum kitchen wastage
  7. Competent in performing cash collection and disposing of duties
  8. Able to prepare basic salads and sauces, as directed by head chefs
  9. Documented success in taking inventory of kitchen supplies, and notifying supervisors of low stock situations
  10. Adept at performing food rotation tasks, in order to ensure ingredient freshness
  11. Proficient in discarding spoiled or expired food items according to the protocol
  12. Extensive know-how of measuring dish ingredients and performing portioning
  13. In-depth knowledge of dealing with vendors and suppliers in order to ensure on-time shipments
  14. Hands-on experience in carefully unpacking deliveries, and placing them in proper places
  15. Expert in cleaning and sanitizing counters and other surfaces
  16. Ability to ensure accurate stock room requisitions
  17. Able to ensure cleanliness and maintenance of kitchen utensils and equipment
  18. Excellent knowledge of following all safety and sanitary procedures
  19. Highly experienced in cooking food items according to recipes, quality standards, and presentation checklists
  20. Effectively able to set cooking and baking temperatures in a proper manner
  21. Proficient in setting up condiments stations, and preparing dishes designated for set stations

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