Interpreter / Translator Resume Sample

Updated on: March 30, 2018

Interpreters provide both written and oral translation services.

They are expected to translate languages to relay concepts between two parties. They convert written materials such as books, web pages, and official documents.

They also act as essential go-betweens during meetings with foreign delegates and ensure correct information flow between individuals.

People writing a resume for this position need to possess excellent command over all languages that they expect to translate. This information on a resume will be responsible for an employer’s decision to hire you.

If you possess excellent language skills (and know at least another language apart from English), you may pursue an exciting career as a translator or Interpreter.

The following resume sample will provide you with an idea on how to write a great resume when applying for this position.

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Interpreter / Translator Resume Sample



Nate Hall

457 Scenic Drive ● Newburgh, IN 88899 ● (000) 999-9999 ● [Email]


• Extremely knowledgeable Translator with an active command of English, Spanish and French (read/write/speak) and 13 years’ hands-on experience with multinational clients.
• Well versed in providing system-wide foreign language translation services to facilitate communication
• Able to adhere to interpretation standards and conforming to the code of ethics
• Hands on experience in providing both written and oral translation and interpretation services between parties

• Converted 2000 text document into Spanish and French languages for easy referencing for foreign delegates
• Developed a dictionary with common words and phrases used in the industry, spanning three languages
• Wrote a booklet on best interpretation practices for new hires’ reference
• Trained newly hired translators and interpreters in performing high-quality work by following best practices


Fairview, Newburgh, IN | 2008 – Present
• Provide oral and written interpretation services
• Verify information from the original text to ensure appropriate interpreting
• Ensure that all written translations conform to the original text concerning technicality and terminology
• Discuss interpretation requirements with clients to ensure error-free documents
• Ensure that both content and style of statements in communicated effectively
• Proofread end document and make any necessary changes
• Listen carefully to conversations and provide verbatim interpretation
• Ensure that the context of the language isn’t altered during the interpretation

Interpretation Services Aide
Fairview, Newburgh, IN | 2005 – 2008
• Provided the support system for interpretation services
• Ensured that all written interpretation material is filed appropriately
• Assisted in proofreading translated documents
Took notes during oral interpretation and provided feedback
• Assisted in creating glossaries

Newburgh College, Newburgh, IN | 2003
AA Degree in Spanish and French