Position Overview Museums often hire museum educators to lead individual visitors and visitor groups through the museum, providing them with information on displays. These people are specifically required to ensure that visitors’ interest in what the museum has to offer remains constant, and that more and more people make an effort to visit the museum. […]

Position Overview Horse trainers are hired by dedicated facilities that offer horse training services to their clients, for a variety of purposes, including riding, races, shows and trail work. These individuals are usually trained on the job, with months of thorough training sessions being carried out to make them ready to tackle horses. Some organizations […]

Typically, metallurgists are hired to study the properties of metals, and apply their findings to practical applications. They work with a wide variety of metals including copper, iron, zinc, steel and aluminum alloys. People hoping to find their niche as metallurgists may opt to work in a number of areas, including civil engineering, aircraft manufacturing […]

Position Overview A biotechnologist is an individual who studies the genetic, chemical and physical attributes of cells, tissues and organisms. It is her or his responsibility to identify practical uses for the knowledge that they have acquired during the process. Many industries hire biotechnologists including food and agriculture, environmental conservation, and medicine. Depending on the […]

Position Overview Typically, geophysicists study the physical aspects of the earth, through use of a wide range of methods such as gravity, magnetics, electrical and seismic. Usually, a geophysicist is hired in the oil and gas industry, although there are many opportunities in construction, mining, environmental and water companies as well. Furthermore, it is imperative […]

Position Overview Chemists may be hired in different capacities, depending on what it is that they are expected to do. As a chemist, it is important for an individual to know all there is to know about compounds, reagents and solutions of different types. Since chemists work in a number of capacities, they are often […]

Position Overview Food technologists are hired by companies that manufacture, distribute and sell food products to consumers. These individuals are required to plan and organize routine and non-routine research and development activities concerned with chemical, biological and physical aspects of food products and lines, in order to evaluate and improve the quality of existing products. […]