Retail Sales Cashier Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: August 2, 2021
Retail Sales Cashier Job Description

Retail sales cashiers work in retail establishments where customer satisfaction is considered the main focus. While the title suggests that retail sales cashiers perform cashier duties only, there is a lot more on their plate than merely processing payments in exchange for goods sold.

At the end of each shift, it is important for retail sales cashiers to count the money that they have received and match it with the number of goods sold so that any discrepancy is handled before the next shift begins.

Working as a retail sales cashier means that you will be working as a hybrid between two positions, both of which are concentrated on providing exceptional customer services and ensuring return business opportunities.

Retail Sales Cashier Duties and Responsibilities for Resume

  • Greet walk-in customers and ensure that they are being properly looked after by sales representatives
  • Assist customers in locating their choices of items by providing them with direction to aisles
  • Accompany customers to shelves or aisles where their choice of items are located
  • Provide information regarding prices and demonstrate product features
  • Make customers aware of any special deals or discounts offered by the store
  • Lead customers through the purchasing process by providing them with information on the location of checkout counters
  • Scan purchases on the POS system and total amounts of all items
  • Take and process cash and credit card transactions and return change and receipts
  • Ensure that customers’ purchases are appropriately bagged and delivered to their vehicles
  • Balance cash drawers at the end of each shift and ensure that any discrepancies are immediately seen to
  • Ensure that sufficient change is available at the beginning of each shift
  • Create and maintain reports related to cash received against sold goods
  • Process returns and exchanges by following set policies of the company
  • Address problems and customers’ complaints in a proactive manner to ensure customer satisfaction and return business

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Retail Sales Cashier Education and Skills

To work as a retail sales cashier one needs to possess a high school diploma and exceptional mathematical and customer service skills. The amalgamation of these is what makes a person working in this position successfully.

Additionally, one needs to completely understand the retail world and all that it stands for so that one can work in a seamless fashion.

Since customer satisfaction is the basis of each position in a retail environment, it is imperative for retail sales cashiers to be pleasant and, and have the ability to handle customer complaints and problems in a proactive manner.