Dental nurses or dental assistants are responsible for helping dentists with chair-side duties which may include handing them instruments, taking radiographs and sterilizing instruments. Dental nurses will also be expected to manage some part of the administration of a dental practice such as looking scheduling appointments, filing records and providing dental procedural education to patients.

A trainee dental nurse will be expected to perform all these tasks most of which she will learn on the job. She needs to possess at least a high school diploma along with a certification as a dental nurse with a current radiograph certificate.

If you fill this criterion, you may be fit for the position of a trainee dental nurse and can aspire to becoming a fully qualified dental assistant eventually.

The letter of interest below will help you explore opportunities for a Trainee Dental Nurse position.


Trainee Dental Nurse Letter of Interest Sample


1887 Buford Street
Monroeville, AL 63553
(313) 333-3333

May 5, 2015

Mr. Gerald Gore
Manager Human Resources
Dental Aesthetics
635 Rock Springs Road
Monroeville, AL 66666


Dear Mr. Gore:

I am writing this letter as an expression of keen interest in Trainee Dental Nurse Position at Dental Aesthetics. Owing to my passion in dental nursing and excellent academic record, I am confident that I will be an effective addition to your team and become a strong pillar of Dental Aesthetics.

As indicated in the enclosed resume, I have recently acquired my dental nurse diploma and a certification in radiography. Being a trained dental nurse, I am familiar with chair side manners and able to assist in clinical procedures efficiently and accurately. With much information regarding dental procedures and their practical applications, I am proficient when it comes to educating patients and easing their fear of the dental chair. During my training program, I was educated specifically about the use of dental instruments and sanitation procedures along with special focus on counseling patients in postoperative care. Additionally, I take pride in my ability to be an excellent office manager owing to my enthusiasm for running a smooth office.

I am confident of my ability to be a true contributor to Dental Aesthetics as I have much to apply in skills and will be able to apply more as my on-the-job training progresses. I would welcome an opportunity to speak with you regarding this position and will follow up on my application next week.

Thank you for considering my application.



Cesar Hall

Enc. Resume